How to Survive a Day in My Life…

Wake up

Sometimes weird things happen to me. Not everyday, but some days. I thought this might be a good read to see what I’m talking about.

It was suppose to be like any old, boring day…but of course it wouldn’t be.

4:30 am: Woke up to the smoke detector chirping. It would do the high pitch ‘beep’ every 30 seconds. I still had at least 2 hours of sleeping time, but no, the smoke detector was not having it. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I had to get up and put a new battery in it, because I assumed that’s what it needed. Ahhh, it stopped. BEEP. Nope! Didn’t stop. What the hell? So I shut my bedroom door and let it chirp and told the boyfriend to take care of it when I left for work. Awesome.

7:00 am: Starbucks downpour. I thought I’d treat myself to a Starbucks since I was so rudely awaken that morning. Everything was great, went through the drive-thru, ate my breakfast sandwich, got to work. I got out of the car and was walking to the door and then I somehow (I have no idea how this happened) dumped half my coffee all over my new purse. Awesome.

1:00 pm: One on one meeting with the boss. My boss asked me to meet with him to catch up since I had been on vacation for the past week. Sure, no problem. I go into his office, and before I even sit down, he looks at me and says, “Are you okay?” “Yessss….” “Do you have a black eye? Because you look like you have a black eye.” WTF? Um no, definitely not a black eye, that’s just my face. Thanks. Then he proceeds to tell me that I’m good at my job, but I need to be great; that I need to figure out where I want my career to be going with the company, and that I can’t walk away from my position thinking, “yeah I did okay”. Um hello! This is the second day back from vacation. Give me a break dude.

2:00 pm: Continue the day just being “good” at my job. So I worked the rest of the day away, bitter as hell, that I can’t just work like normal like everyone else in the building and that my boss is basically forcing me to make my future career choices on a weekly basis. Annoying.

3:30 pm: My work bestie tells me she got a new job. Good for her! Boo for me. I’m the recruiter, so now I basically have to recruit for my new work bestie. Not really, but you know what I mean right? And plus, we’ve been slammed and now we’ll be short staffed and it’ll just be awesome (sarcastic awesome) until however long it takes to hire someone. Bring it.

4:45 pm: Visit to the back quack. Normally these go fantastic. I love the back quack. It’s great. I love popping and cracking and aligning everything back in order. It feels so nice! On this day, however, when I was lying on the bench thing, he pushed down on my back and my face wasn’t positioned correctly, and it practically choked me and I let out the most awful pained grunt ever.

5:15 pm: Drive to pick up my online groceries. You guys know how I love the online grocery thing! I ordered all of my groceries at lunch online, and then drove to pick them up on the way home. So nice! Of course, for whatever reason, they were out of half the things I ordered, but hey, saves me money right!?

5:45 pm: Get home, drop off rent check. It’s that beautiful time of the month where I get to hand over my entire first paycheck to the landlord. Here you go! Please take it all! Usually I drop it in the box, but she opens the door as I tried to stuff the check in. “Hey there girl! I just saw you walk up, so I thought I’d just take the check from you now! Come in, come in, it’s freezing outside!” She’s super nice, don’t get me wrong. But she’s in her pajamas, with no bra, holding a stick that I think she was going to beat me with should I be a bad guy. I really could have just dropped it off and left. No hard feelings on my end. So then I stand her foyer talking to her for the next 15 minutes as she tells me that the next day she’s going to install the new blinds she brought over to my apartment in MAY OF 2014. I’ll believe it when I see it suga.

6:00 pm: Finally get to plop down on the couch and write this post. Finally, it’s relaxation time. And I hadn’t moved, not even to make dinner. I grabbed a box of Cheez-its and a Ginger Ale to serve as dinner, because I was that lazy. Yup. You heard it.

6:30 pm: We’ve discovered an awful noise in my pipes. As the boyfriend and I were watching TV all of a sudden we hear this loud, muffled, vibrating, jack hammer noise. It lasted like 10 seconds and then stopped. I’m like, geez what are the downstairs neighbors doing?! And then it continues to do for the rest of the evening off and on, in the most random pattern. My water wasn’t running, the heater wasn’t on, no laundry was being done, it must be when the neighbors run their water. Just another thing to add to that year long wait on the landlord’s maintenance list. Ha ha.

8:30 pm: The boyfriend and I look at each other and decide it’s time for bed. Yup. Apparently I am now an old woman and I go to bed before everyone else in the world. Ha! Part of being 26 I guess? It’s okay, I can stay up late on the weekends. Like 11 pm! That’s right, living life on the edge.


I swear, one of these days I’ll be writing about my “crazy” night out on the town, but until then, I have become an old, boring, adult. Boooo.

Any of you feel like you’re living the ordinary life on the daily? Or not?!

7 thoughts on “How to Survive a Day in My Life…

  1. Lol! I am sitting at work and laughing hysterically reading this. I’m pretty sure other people are staring at me but oh well. Not to mention I have to keep Alt + Tabbing back and forth between my email “doing work” and reading your blog. The struggle is real!

    Hang in there girl. It gets even better once you throw a child into that mix (eye roll). This is pretty much my daily life.

    xo Erin

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