Blog Swap! How To Achieve A Quick Fresh Face

I’m so excited to be blog swapping again today! This time I wanted to switch gears a bit and talk makeup! I love playing around with makeup but also don’t have much time to spend on it during the week. Make sure to check out Allison over on my blog to see what she’s got going on over there! 

My mornings are precious and every second counts! Who doesn’t love their sleep?! I’m proud to say I think I’ve got my makeup routine down to about 3-5 minutes! It’s not glamorous but it’s simple and just what I need to get the day going and feeling fresh! Check it out!

1. Start with a moisturizer and foundation! Also, don’t forget that primer!! Especially when it’s a super early morning and you have to cover those dark circles! 


2. Bronzer & Blush that face! This will give you color and not make you look like such a blank canvas. 


3. Brows & Lashes! This completely puts together the face and makes you look polished.


Just like that you have a fresh face in no time flat! 


I would love to hear what your favorite products are for your quick routine and what you do to save time on the daily! Happy Thursday!:) 

9 thoughts on “Blog Swap! How To Achieve A Quick Fresh Face

  1. Reblogged this on Me, Myself and Everything Else and commented:

    Happy Friday!! This week has been crazy and you all know why if you caught my last post about moving! Today I wanted to share a Blog Swap I did with Allison where I showed my quick everyday makeup! I’m all about spending minimal time in the morning before work! Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂


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