How to Celebrate Your Birthday in 7 Days

26 was tough. Like I said on Wednesday…I had actually forgot how old I was turning. I’ve done this the past couple years, because the boyfriend is a year older, and I always assume I’m the same age as him. Which then usually results in about 30 seconds of panic when I think I’ve lost an entire year of my life. Anyway, I love my birthday, so I do my best to drag it out. This year, I was pretty damn successful too!

1. The day before: Tuesday 4/5/16

My friend at work got me a gift that she gave to me while we were out on our walk. She got me one of those amazing balloon dogs with the leash that just drag behind you. It was awesome! Especially when I had to drag it through the entire office back to my desk. 

2. The day of: Wednesday 4/6/16

Family dinner + the boyfriend! Very nice and relaxing. Celebrating with the family is always a tradition. And dorkily enough…no pictures 😦

3. The day after: Thursday 4/7/16

Beers with the girls at the local brewery! Now that girls nights are over for a bit, it was fun to be able to catch up with all of them! And good timing too!

4. The Friday after: Friday 4/8/16

Dinner date night for my birthday with the boyfriend. It is very rare that the two of us go out to eat together. So for my birthday we went all out, reservations, fancy shoes and tops, wine, appetizer, we got it all! And yes, that’s a peanut butter and jelly burger. Heaven on a bun!

5. Saturday 4/9/16

The boyfriend told me on my actual birthday that we had to pick up my gift on Saturday. The whole week I kept trying to figure out what it was. Friday night I finally asked, “Is it a cat?” The answer he gave me….whoa. We’ll never have a cat. Hahaha. But he got me a compound bow so we had to go get everything fitted for me! Such an awesome surprise!


6. Sunday 4/10/16

Family BBQ with some of my closest friends! Another fun afternoon. Plenty of good fun, company, conversation, and presents! 😉 My parents got me some patio furniture, which I’ve definitely been dying to get! Two chairs and a table so now I can enjoy my dinner outside when the weather warms up!

7. The Weekend After: 4/16&17/16

Heading out to some dunes to ride quads! A yearly event, but probably one of my only hobbies! I can’t wait. We’re leaving tonight after work, but all of my friends, family, and people I’ve grown up with are going to be ready to party this weekend. And since it was just my birthday last week, you know I’m claiming this as a birthday weekend too! Haha.


So tell me, I’m not the only one that drags out the birthdays, am I? How long do you try to make your birthday last?

4 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Your Birthday in 7 Days

  1. Oh I do love a birthday!!! Looks like you had a great time dragging your birthday out!!
    My birthday is in the middle of summer, some years I’ve been at a music festival for the weekend and claimed it ‘my birthday festival’ other times we have been on vacation so I claim the whole 2 weeks in the sun ‘my birthday’. My 30th honestly lasted for a whole month and made its way from London to Las Vegas haha! Good times! Every birthday is a blessing xo

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