Monthly Goals Update: April

Halfway through the month already?? How does this happen? I might have to quit these monthly goal posts because I am starting to feel like it makes the month move by quicker!

Let’s see how I’m doing so far…


1. Walk 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day. Eh…could be doing better. I’ve had a couple days under 5,000, which is a little pathetic to me.

2. Keep off the weight I lost in March. So far so good!

3. Try oil pulling. Tried it. Once. That’s all I could do. For three minutes.

4. Workout twice a day at least 3 times a week. This happened once! So yeah, pretty much a fail.


1. Save a third of each paycheck for vacation. Totally forgot I even said this. Oops. I’ll try to save double on my next check!

2. No online shopping. Okay, I bought 2 things. One was an engagement gift for my friends and the other was at the request of my mom, so it was for her, so it wasn’t for me, so it doesn’t count.


1. Spend more quality time together. Well I’ve been housesitting all this week, so we’ve been apart, but the times together have been good!


1. Focus on productivity and happiness. Failing. I’m in a funk at work and I just don’t want to do anythingggg. I need to work on this!


1. Put in more time. Not until these last few days. I’ve been in a blogging funk lately!

2. Use my planner and actually schedule posts. Yes! I did this! Except one day when I scheduled the wrong one, and then had to rearrange everything, but we’re good!

3. Read more blogs. I got all caught up on the ones I’m following this week, but I’d like to try and get on the Reader more. I always get stuck in my inbox.


How are your monthly goals coming along?!

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