Video Game Conversations in 5 Ways

The boyfriend is a little gamer. Not so much lately, but when he gets a day to himself, that’s usually what he’s doing. Playing those video games the day they come out. Occasionally the boyfriend will use his headset while he plays video games. It’s pretty entertaining (at least for me) to hear only his side of the conversation. I have no idea what the other guy is saying, so when I just hear the one side, it’s always out of context; at least I hope it is 😉

I just sit next to him and chuckle to myself, because I can only imagine how the conversation could be going to get him to say these things! I just like to put it into my own storyline.


1. “So when did you start playing with guys?”

Ummm…you can’t just ask people that boyfriend! If he likes to play with guys that his own prerogative!

2. “Beanie buddies!”

Twinning? Did you text each other last night to tell the other one what you guys had to wear today?

3. “We had a dance party and it was so weird”

When was this dance party? Was I there? Or was it a weird all guy dance party…? Sounds like I wouldn’t have wanted to be there…

4. “Ooooh, he’s got me some clothes over here!”

Why is some guy giving you clothes? I thought the point of this was to take out the bad guys…not explore a new wardrobe. Although, that sounds like a video game I could get into!

5. “My skinny jeans!!”

What is this obsession with the clothes? Don’t you dare touch any skinny jeans! My boyfriend cannot wear tighter pants than me. I won’t allow that.


I almost secretly can’t wait for him to play again, so I can listen in on these hilarious conversations! I wonder what I’ll be able to add to this list!

Any of you know what I’m talking about? They get so into them!


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