How to Spend a Saturday in 8 Ways

Ever since I got my big girl job (I guess I should probably stop calling it that since it’s been nearly two years), but anyway, I have been cherishing my weekends! Working in a bar meant late nights, weekends, and holidays. But now with my wonderful office job (that I’m pretty sure is making me fat because of all the time I spend on my ass at my desk) I have weekends off and it’s amazing! The first few months after this started I had every weekend booked: Concerts, Tahoe, camping, hikes, parties, out of town trips, wine tasting, you name it. We were busy fools, the boyfriend and I.

Now, after it’s been almost 2 years of weekends off, I’ve definitely tapered off on the planning and scheduling. It’s so nice having a weekend at home where we literally do nothing, or a weekend with no plans at all and we can do whatever we want at the drop of a hat! I’ve been takin’ my time, just movin’ along. (For those of you that didn’t catch the Boston lyrics reference…click here and educate yourself and fast forward to about 2:45)

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been doing to use up some Saturdays!

1. Partaking in the boyfriend’s hobby – Shooting

You can’t get better at something unless you’re trying! And I’m trying to get better so we can do things together! Plus I love watching the boyfriend in his element, spewing all of his impressive knowledge all over me. And when I’m kicking ass, the look on both of our faces is priceless!

2. Trying a new sport and failing miserably – Golfing

I’m not very coordinated – I’ll admit that! But I worked at a golf course for 6 years and probably golfed about 5 times. Now the boyfriend has an interest in learning it, so we headed out to the course, grabbed a cart and some beers, and completely destroyed it out there. No seriously, it was like 10 hits just to get it on the green. The poor grass!

3. Grab a beer outside somewhere


We love our beers. But drinking them at home isn’t always as satisfying as a nice cold draft beer is. Why not enjoy some sunshine at the same time and go somewhere you can sit outside and sip on your beer! Or just take a beer with you!

4. Meet up with friends


Nothing like spending a Saturday with friends! Even if you’re not doing anything but just hanging and laughing! It’s not easy to get together after work, so save it for the weekend and then make up for lost time!

5. Take the Jeep out to it’s happy place!


The Jeep is definitely no commuter. She longs to be out on the rocks and rolling through the dirt! It’s fun to spend a sunny day off roading to a new lake or river spot! Pack a lunch and throw in some beers and you’ve got yourself a perfect jeep picnic day!

6. Friendly game of beer pong anyone?


Sometimes we feel the need to revert back to our 19 year old selves right? I mean, 21, of course. So we move the table into the kitchen (we’re adults now, we can’t just play beer pong on the carpet) and then we get it goin’! The girls always win. You know how “Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider”? Well girls grow up and become kick ass at beer pong! The boys must still be on Jupiter, ’cause they suck.

7. Day hikes

The small shorter hikes give us just enough time outside, but still enough time to do other activities if we want! We have commitment phobia, so we don’t like to commit an entire day to one activity. And sometimes we make it very short…like a walk to Starbucks and back! But other days, when the mood strikes me, I’ll take a longer hike! It’s good to get outdoors!

8. Kick it old school with some board games!


I LOVE board games! The boyfriend doesn’t always want to play with me, but when I get the chance to pull out the board games, I am all over it! I think it’s fun and plus it’s nice to have something to do without pulling out all the technology!


How do you guys like to spend your weekends? Anything that you’re looking forward to this weekend??

Happy Friday!


11 thoughts on “How to Spend a Saturday in 8 Ways

  1. I wish i had a bf to do fun things with! But boys are more stupider.I’ve reverted back to my 19 yr old self and if i have to work in am office any longer I’m gonna lose it! I’m not a golfer but if you’re asking me to get in a golf cart with beer, I’m your girl!

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