Monthly Goals Update: April

Can’t believe another month has already come and gone! My birthday month is officially over…

Let’s see how I did!


1. Walk 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day. I did it! I averaged about 8,000 to 9,000 steps a day this month!!

2. Keep off the weight I lost in March. Did it! And lost an extra pound 😉

3. Try oil pulling. Tried it. Once. That’s all I could do. For three minutes.

4. Workout twice a day at least 3 times a week. This happened 5 days this month. Four of the days were this week! So maybe there’s hope for next month!


1. Save a third of each paycheck for vacation. Yeah, no. Didn’t do this. I am ashamed.

2. No online shopping. Okay, I bought 3 things. One was an engagement gift for my friends and the other was at the request of my mom, so it was for her, so it wasn’t for me, so it doesn’t count. Also, another Love Your Melon beanie because hello 50% off 🙂


1. Spend more quality time together. Well I think we started to do a lot better towards the end of this month!


1. Focus on productivity and happiness. I’ve focused on happiness. Monday I’ll be going to work to talk about transferring to a different department to learn something new.


1. Put in more time. Still in a blogging funk, but I’m making a comeback!

2. Use my planner and actually schedule posts. Yes! I did this! Except one day when I scheduled the wrong one, and then had to rearrange everything, but we’re good!

3. Read more blogs. I definitely read a lot. Mostly all of you that I’m already following. Didn’t really get too much time to find new blogs.


How did you guys do!?

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