How to Cinco de Drinko in 2 Ways

Cinco de Mayo! Another weird holiday come and gone. Being half Mexican, I feel like that is my DAY! An entire holiday that we celebrate with Mexican food and alcohol? Um duh. Yeah that’s my kind of holiday.


In high school my friends and I used to make a day of it and we would all cook a mexican dish and then potluck and then our one full hispanic friend would bring the enchiladas. So amazing.

Now that I’m older, I definitely always celebrate with at least a margarita. Last year was the ultimate Cinco de Mayo, being on a Tuesday…Taco Tuesday. It was perfect! This year, Thursday is still okay. Celebrating on a Friday Eve. I love it. I met up with my girls for drinks and funny thing is…we made these plans a few days ahead of time and decided to meet up specifically for margaritas on Thursday. It took us a couple of days to realize…oh hey, that’s Cinco de Mayo! Totally worked out! Here’s what my night looked like:

1. Margaritas

I love me a deal. And I love me a deal on drinks. So when the house margaritas are on special for $6, keep ’em coming brah! Nothing more satisfying than a sugary alcoholic drink that will probably give me a stomachache later, but that’s okay. Worth the sacrifice.

2. Chips and Salsa


I love chips. Any kind of chips. And dip. AND SALSA. So yes, if the chips and salsa are bottomless I will literally eat myself into such a food coma that you will either have to A) Refill the stock of chips a million times to keep up on my basket alone, B) Start bringing 2 baskets of chips at a time, or C) Roll me out the front door when I’m finished.

It’s terrible, but I obsess over things. And good things. Especially when it comes to food and drink. I can’t get enough! It’s such a fabulous day. Everyone is happy and yelling Cinco de Drinko all day long. It’s fantastic. Until next year!

What did you guys do to celebrate?! Or do you even celebrate it at all?

6 thoughts on “How to Cinco de Drinko in 2 Ways

  1. Wow, you’re half Mexican! Cool! I would never have guessed. Hehe, I was just telling my sister that I always forget about Cinco De Mayo, and certainly never remember that it’s on May 5th, because it was such an insignificant holiday to me. Gulp. No offense, but it doesn’t have meaning to me since we never celebrated it, nor were we around friends who did. (What is wrong with us???) I can see how it would be fun to celebrate, though! My only request would be for bottomless guacamole instead of salsa (because guac > salsa, IMO) but somehow I’m doubtful the restaurant would agree. 😊

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