How to Know You’re Getting Old in 5 Ways Part 2

Happy Monday, right??

Yeesh. Every weekend I feel older and older. I’m kidding, but you know what I mean right? A while ago I wrote about feeling older and you can check it out here. After that post, I have been feeling older a hell of a lot more lately, and I realized there were some new things that make me feel older! All the new aches and pains, the laziness, the increasing amount of life talks. UGH. Gimme a break people! I’m only 26! The world is still my oyster and I can still live day to day not giving a shit about the long term. Right?

Anyhow…here is what I’ve recently noticed that has got me either scratching my head or feeling sorry for my old age…

1. Early bedtime

Go to bed

I don’t even get to see 10:00 pm anymore. I am passing outttt. Then the weekend comes along and it’s like holy shit…midnight?!?! I can barely keep my eyes open! I think my parents stay up later than that on the weekend. Yeesh woman.

2. Too much work to go out to the club/bars

Do NothingStaying home

It really is. Where to go? What to wear? How to get there/get home? Too many questions. No answers. Okay, let’s all just have a nice relaxing night in. Every weekend. Every night. For the rest of ever. Oops. I’m a homebody now. Great.

3. Too many acronyms that I have to google

Acronym confusion

Yeah, what is with that! I mean all of a sudden, HAM became a big thing. HBD, ILY, TY, SMH. Seriously people?? If you can’t write out “I love you” or “Thank you” then you probably don’t mean it so just stop. Just STAWP. (Just to clarify – that is not an acronym, that is me emphasizing the stop). Or just STFU πŸ˜‰

4. Board Games and Disney Movies are perfectly acceptable Saturday night activities

fun night

This did happen. Dogopoly and Beauty and the Beast. On a Saturday night. It was fantastic. Of course there was champagne involved, but still, goes back to not having that desire to go out or do anything remotely exciting.

5. The body seems to hurt a lot longer now

Everything hurts2

It seems like the recovery time for sore muscles is twice as long now. I went on a 10 mile hike, which equalled a 5 day recovery period. I couldn’t bend my legs, sit, or do anything. And my hips, like a seriously old lady, my hips, were killing me! I use to frolick outside all the time without missing a beat the next day! Not anymore kiddo.

What else am I missing? I’m sure things will just keep coming too! What makes you guys feel older??

17 thoughts on “How to Know You’re Getting Old in 5 Ways Part 2

  1. Hahaha. I don’t know what makes me feel older – I guess I am too old for that and have accepted it! I actually feel younger after reading your post! So here is my tip for feeling younger: Read a blog post by someone 10 years younger complaining about getting old!

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  2. The waking up with something hurting when I went to bed fine. My husband I use the words ‘I guess I just slept funny’ WAY too often. I mean how can a person sleep ‘wrong’ so often? πŸ˜‰

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  3. Every time my kids have a birthday…that’s when I realize I am not in my 20’s anymore! I stay very active to keep up with them; bike, run, basketball, weights, hike, skate…you name it, I have to do it. My son who is 24 is the most active person I know and my daughter who is 25 can pick me up and carry me around! So yeah, kids make me feel old, but young too! If that makes sense?! Cute post! Loving your blog! Koko πŸ™‚

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