Blog Swap! How To Keep Your Pet Fever At Bay in 9 Ways

It’s that time again! Blog Swap time! Make sure to check in over at my blog to see what Allison is talking about over there! Blog Swap is slowly becoming my favorite! πŸ™‚ This time I wanted to talk about pet fever and…

The pet fever is REAL ya’ll. I can’t even contain it! Some girls right now have baby fever, nope not me! Just ALL the pet fever! Realistically I know I want a cat first. I want both cats and dogs, but with how I travel right now a cat is so much more realistic and they are just SO CUTE. I am now to the point where I follow cat instagrams and I talk to every animal that comes in my path. I also tell them all I love them. Nick pointed that out to me the other day. My response: I DO love them all! I thought I would share some of the things I tell myself when I really get the urge to go out and get a pet right that second! Hope they help… or at least make you laugh at my craziness!

  1. Remind yourself how clean your house is without them. It always smells fresh and no hair/fur to clean up!
  2. Repeat “I love to travel, I love to travel, I love to travel” again and again and again.
  3. Get your fix from other animals whenever you get the chance.
  4. Remind yourself that that animal could love your better half more than you…are you ready for that pain yet?
  5. You have to pick out a name and that’s just way too difficult. There are SO many good names.
  6. You don’t have $1,000 to spare. Okay this one is just for me but that’s how much a freaking deposit is where I live.
  7. Keep making up random reasons you can’t get an animal yet to keep yourself in denial!
  8. Heed what your friends tell you. Allison house-sat not to long ago and one of the cats threw up on the bed. Every night. Nobody wants that!
  9. Right now all clothes and toys I buy are for me, not my pet!

Please tell me some of you guys do this?! I can’t be the only one! I’m keeping myself happily in denial telling myself I don’t need any animals in my life right now…even though ANY time I see one I melt. I’m sad… I get it.

18 thoughts on “Blog Swap! How To Keep Your Pet Fever At Bay in 9 Ways

  1. Haha! The travel one is real life! We travel a lot which means we have a house/dog sitter who we love! I’m pretty sure we are personally funding her college degree haha!

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    • Hahaha I love it! I keep telling my boyfriend we need to get a cat or dog because my family is so close and would just love to watch them! Hello! Free daycare! haha


  2. You’ve raised many good points. I have a bakers dozen right now of both dogs and cats. No I am not obsessed, just fell into them when other people have given up on them. I even have a bunny because one f my kid’s friends went off to college and her own family wouldn’t care for it while she was away. Yes, I would love to travel, spend extra money on myself, feed myself without the eyes of furry creatures staring shamelessly at me, be hair-free, have a day where I am not cleaning up barf or picking up poo, not be bathing something else besides myself, I’d love to not always stepping over a critter wherever I walk, tripping on them on the stairs…Now, there are positives and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the animals, but it is challenging. A huge responsibility and living somewhere/up and moving is challenging too. I have a couple acres and a huge home, but…wanting/needing to move is very difficult. Half my family is on the west coast for work and I have to stay here with the pets until we can find a home. So far 9 months apart! Even with 1 or 2 pets still has it’s challenges. I have elderly pets too and their health is failing; blindness, bowl issues, etc. Don’t get me started on feeding! Hahahaha. You never know what health challenges you will face. It’s a 10-17 year commitment. All in all, I do love pets. There is a but…when these all go to heaven, I am going to travel the world! πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed this post! All the pics are super cute. Cheers, Koko

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    • Thank you so much! I loved this comment because it is so so true! I grew up having pets around and my parents still have the dog I grew up with. So hard leaving her but luckily she is close! Even with all these funny reasons to prolong getting a pet I can’t wait!! They are so special and worth it:) It definitely does get hard when they get older:( You are amazing with how many you have and take care of! They are very lucky! Thank you for reading!!:)

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  3. I have 2 cats, and my house is odor- and tracking-free, BUT IT’S A LOT OF FREAKING WORK keeping it clean. I also own my own home, rarely travel, and have a husband and a mother-in-law on standby for when I do travel. I love cats, but would never have more than 2 because it’s so much work even with all this help. I would be happy to send pics of my 2 though πŸ™‚

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    • I’m now vicariously living through you! That’s so wonderful that you do have backup for when you travel! Also, I think owning your own place makes all the difference! I’m terrified of anything happening when I’m renting, even though I know I can clean and make it work!


      • I rented with a cat for 3 years and made it work. That cat had a thing for mangling window blinds. Also, her food attracted roaches. But it wasn’t overall a huge problem once we found rentals that would allow pets. A dog would probably be quite a bit harder I would think.

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  4. I hate roaches, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not AS grossed out by them as most people are. I make up for it by being substantially more freaked out by MICE than most people are. Another reason I like having a cat πŸ™‚

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