How to Embark On Your First Hunt in 10 Ways

Last fall my friend and I took a hunter’s safety course, just in case the boyfriend ever wanted to take me out…you know, I’ve got to be prepared for anything! The boyfriend got his first deer last summer with his bow and then I got my bow for my birthday last month. Of course I over did it on the shoulder from the first day with my bow so I haven’t been able to shoot it since. So the boyfriend took me out to practice my shotgun skills so that I could try to get a turkey during shotgun season!

Such a rewarding and meaningful process! A very early and long day too! But such an adventure. Here’s the whole line up of my adventure.

1. Wake up at o’ dark thirty


And it was DARK. I got up at 4:00 am to get ready. That’s the earliest I’ve been awake in a longgggg time. And I kept waking up every hour in fear that my alarm wouldn’t go off!

2. Put on all your camo


I knew randomly buying camo one day would come in handy! I had my pants, shirt, and hat all ready to go! Now I just want to buy more! I also put on a full face of makeup and the boyfriend’s dad said, “Did you put all that makeup on for the turkey?” I said, “You bet I did!” Duh. What happens if I get a turkey and I take a picture with it? Yeah. I’m that girl.

3. Pick out your spot to set up


We drove out to a friend of the boyfriend’s dad’s property. A TON of acreage for us to scope out a nice bird for me! And there is something about being up before the rest of the world. So peaceful and beautiful seeing the world wake up. I don’t want to do it everyday, but it was so pretty!

4. Fall asleep in the blind


It was pretty damn cold that morning. Do you know my defense mechanism for responding to cold weather? I fall asleep. Anywhere, anytime, I fall asleep to stop being so cold. But those damn turkey calls kept waking me up!

5. Feel of relief when you don’t actually find a turkey


We hung around for a couple hours talking to one turkey. He never came up the hill to us! We went to go to him and he still wouldn’t come up the hill. So we decided to pack things up and call it a day. I was kind of excited. Like a “phew!” I didn’t have to shoot anything, but I can say I went out hunting and we just didn’t see anything. Oh well!

6. Move on to the next spot

He was driving us around, showing us other spots he had hunted and got bucks or turkeys, and there it was.

7. See the turkey


A big, fat Tom hassling some lady turkeys. We pulled up 100 yards or so, jumped out, got the blind set up, the decoys out, and the guys started calling him in with their turkey calls. That Tom was one horny bird because he came running. I couldn’t see him from where I was sitting, but I heard him dragging his wings on the ground (apparently they do that to be intimidating?)

8. Shoot the turkey


I raised my shotgun up, took the safety off, and followed him as he walked around our decoys. He was so puffed up! I waited for him to turn towards me and then I pulled the trigger. What. A. Rush. I was told it was a perfect shot. He just dropped. It was so quick. I was a little shaky and my ears were ringing, but damn. What an incredible experience. There is something almost primal, but respectful about hunting for your own food.

9. Take all of your pictures with your prize

The boyfriend’s dad practically flips the blind over with excitement and we all run over to check him out. He was a beautiful bird! And extremely big! Well, to me at least. Of course we did the picture thing. The boyfriend called me an “Instahunter” because I told him I wanted a picture with my bird. Come on! Who wouldn’t??

10. Eat the turkey


The boyfriend was the best and cleaned the turkey for me. I was knew to all of this and wasn’t sure how my stomach would handle, but I did watch. And I was actually okay. I did say some words of thanks to that turkey. The boyfriend cleaned all the meat for me and then I cooked him up for dinner later in the week. My coworkers started freaking me out, telling me that wild turkey is pretty nasty and not everyone likes it, but my turkey…was amazing. It was so delicious!


And that’s as organic as it gets! I’m looking forward to going again next season! Hopefully I’ll have my bow all set up and I can try getting one that way! Have any of you ever eaten wild turkey? Did you like it?

2 thoughts on “How to Embark On Your First Hunt in 10 Ways

  1. Eek, woman, you are braver than me! Even if, by some miracle I could shoot the turkey, which is extremely improbable, I would NEVER be able to even WATCH it be cleaned. Nope. I’m pretty sure I would throw up. I get queasy when someone cuts their finger! It looks delicious, though! And you have my highest admiration that you shot the turkey on your first time! That is crazy. I mean, I know you were practicing, but still. And I didn’t realize you could hunt with a bow! I thought it was something you only really used at the range or something. Haha, showing my ignorance! 😜

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