How to Pack for Vacation in 10 Ways: Maui

It’s time for my next adventure! Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane and sailing over the Pacific to the beautiful island of Maui. Ahhh can this work day just be over already? Yeesh! People have vacations to start! This week I spent 3 days of work 3 hours away from home so they were overnighters, which made a lot less time for me to prep for this vacation. I spent all day last Saturday cleaning and organizing my apartment and doing a ton of laundry so that when I got back I could relax for a minute.

So as I was getting my list together, I thought I’d share some of my must-haves for my Maui vacation! We haven’t been for 2 years, but I cannot wait to go back for 10 days of sun, no responsibilities, and days full of no worries.

1. Hawaiian Shirt

As you all saw on Monday’s post, this is most definitely coming with me on this trip! I’m wearing it to the airport, on the plane, and on the island. Oh yes.

2. Selfie Stick

Duh! I cannot travel without my selfie stick! It just makes capturing photos too easy. Especially the group pictures! And we’ve got about 6 of our friends coming with us, plus more! Definitely going to come in handy on the beach or in the middle of our hikes!

3. Beach Blanket

The last time we went to Maui, I think we ended up just all bringing our hotel towels with us everywhere. This year I’m bringing my favorite festival blanket. It folds up and zips up into this neat little bag! So convenient and fits perfectly at the bottom of my suitcase.

4. Loose dresses

If there’s one thing I learned last time, it’s that it is hot, muggy, and sweaty in Maui. Wearing anything too tight for me just shows off my sweat marks. This time I’m bringing some looser dresses that have some wiggle room in the wind. 

5. Swimsuits

Swimsuits. Swimsuits. Swimsuits. I’m not skimping on these this time! I’m bring plentyyyyy. They’re really small and hardly take up any room in the suitcase, so I might as well cram them in there right?!

6. Hats

With all that humidity, hats seem to be my best friend! But it’s also a great way to protect my scalp and to keep the sun off my face while we’re hanging at the beach or hiking around!

7. Date night dress

We decided we want at least one date night while we’re there. One night away from everyone else. And I thought it’d be a little fun to bring a nicer outfit to wear. I got a super cute maxi dress that I cannot wait to show off to the boyfriend!

8. Walking Shoes

Can’t forget these! Hiking in flip flops is definitely not fun. Ever. So I’m making sure I bring some good comfy shoes so I can give those babies a rest!

9. Lifeproof Phone Case

With this phone case I can take pictures under the water! I really want to get more pictures of turtles! And this way I don’t have to be too worried about getting the phone wet.

10. JBL Speaker

I love my Bluetooth speaker. It’s so easy to carry around and I think it’s perfect to have on the beach or by the pool. Just chilling with some tunes wherever I go 🙂

And there you have it! Anything you think I’m missing or need to add to my list for Maui?

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