How to Stay in a Hotel By Yourself in 6 Ways

Another business trip has come and gone! This one was a little different than the last one. It was three days long and I didn’t have any traveling buddies. I was running solo this time. My very first time spending time away from home completely alone, and in a hotel all by myself.

It was actually quite awesome! I was worried that I would be bored or worried or scared or sad, but it was awesome. I hung out in the room by myself, went to bed early, and hung out at the bar. And I had the best night of sleep in my life on a gigantic King size bed! My Fitbit said I only moved once the entire night!

Anyway, here’s what I did with all my extra alone time and how staying at a hotel by yourself is the best thing ever.

1. No Pants

Don’t want to wear pants? I don’t have to! After my shower I started getting fully dressed in comfy shorts, sports bra, t-shirt, and then I was like wait a minute. I’m not putting on pants!

2. Watch whatever TV Shows you want

I watched cheesy couple game shows that the boyfriend would never sit through. I also brought my iPad and watched a shit ton of Gilmore Girls. My favorite!

3. Go to bed early

There is no one judging me for what time I go to sleep. So 8:00 pm it is! It was fantastic. And I got soooo caught up on all my sleep. I felt very rested in the morning, ready to tackle the day!

4. Take the longest hot shower ever

There is no one waiting for the bathroom and I’m not paying for that electricity/water bill. Let it pour over me! It was like my own little personal day spa. I used my scrub, moisturized, played with my hair, and just relaxed!

5. Jump on the bed

Duh. The first room had a pretty low ceiling so I didn’t test my abilities as much. But the second room I stayed in…vaulted ceilings. Hell yes. So I jumped around to some 90s tunes!

6. Eat by yourself

This is kind of weird, but it’s always been on my bucket list to eat out by myself. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity and I could not let it go to waste! I went down to the hotel bar and ordered myself a beer and dinner! I did it!

Also, side note to the eating by myself thing…a man that was sitting next to me at the bar looked at me and said, “Happy Tuesday! Are your kids out playing in the pool?” Um no dude. Do I even look old enough to have kids that could be unattended in a pool? Also, my initial reaction was to say “No! I don’t have kids! I’m completely alone while I sit at this bar, like a badass!” But then I remembered, never admit you’re alone, so what did I say? I told him no they weren’t in the pool because I didn’t there’d be a pool there. Oh geez.
Anyway, that was my amazing experience by myself! Have any of you had to travel by yourself? Did you like it?

13 thoughts on “How to Stay in a Hotel By Yourself in 6 Ways

  1. I spent last week in a hotel by myself….it was bliss! I did all the things on your list. I also made an iron toastie (I blogged about that). One of my favourite things is no one judging you for how much breakfast you eat!

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