How to See Maui Like Me in 10 Ways

For 10 days I got to go to the beautiful island of Maui! This week my brain has most definitely been on island time. It was SO hard to come back from such an awesome vacation. This was my second time on the island. We stayed in Lahaina and I still loved every bit of it just as much as the first time! The first time we went zip-lining and a helicopter tour, but this time we went there for a friend’s wedding, so it was a little bit more relaxed than go go go like last time.

Ugh. Maui is so freaking wonderful. I love it there. So here’s some of the things that I was doing for the past 10 days on vacation. Ahhh…take me back…

1. Beach Days

We had a lot of beach days this trip, which was….absolutely perfect. It was so nice just hanging out on the beach, in a lounge chair, in a cabana, wherever! Beach, ocean, beach, ocean, pool, ocean. Just sipping on some beers or mai tais and it’s just so relaxing! We chased a lot of turtles too. Tip: Bring a beach blanket in your suitcase. It makes the beach days so much more complete!

2. Sunrise at Haleakala

Last trip we did Haleakala during the day, which was awesome! So this trip we decided to get up at 3 am (yes, 3:00 am., in the dark, way before the rest of the world should wake up) and made the trek up the volcano! It was pretty awesome to see the sun coming up across the island! Tip: Bring warm clothes (like pants and sweatshirt) because it is colder than a witch’s titty up there! Also, leave earlier than 3 am. There was a ton of traffic at the fee station! Everyone and their mother wanted to get up there to see the sunrise!

3. Road to Hana

You have to do this! It is so amazing. The views are absolutely incredible. Very Jurassic Park-esque! We always blast the Jurassic Park theme song with all the windows down! We stopped at a waterfall and hiked up a little ways so the boys could jump off the rocks. I’m no daredevil so I just stood by and watched, but it was still fun! Tip: Keep an eye for waterfalls and parking spots! It’s fun to hop out and do a quick hike! And take a map because there is zero service. Oh and stop at the taco stand. It’s delicious!

4. Bamboo Forest


One of the most amazing parts of the Road to Hana. It’s along the upper hike at the Seven Sacred Pools. It’s so dense that you can’t see anything around you, but bamboo, and you can barely see the sky above! Tip: Bring bug spray! The mosquitos are THICK through this hike! I got at least 10 bites on each leg. I wish I was exaggerating. So be sure to pick some of that up on your way through town!

5. Snorkeling

One of my favorite activities! Although I usually get enough snorkeling in after one day, but it’s still nice to have the gear just in case! But I’m not great at swimming, but with my flippers, mask, and all that salt water, I just glide across the surface of the water! Tip: I’ve never done a snorkel cruise, and I’m sure they’re fabulous, but Honolua Bay has some great snorkeling! We just rent the gear and then drive there with lunch and a cooler and hang out there for the day! (It’s one of the destinations on the snorkel cruises anyway)

6. Mai Tais


Drink all the mai tais you can! They’re just not the same on the mainland! I think I had a least one mai tai everyday. I’m not one for sugary drinks usually, but when in Maui, drink it all up! I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone, but there’s no hangovers in Maui! Tip: Stop by Costco by the airport and get a couple of big bottles of the mai tai mix and some cups! Pick up some ice, and then boom, you’ve got mai tais in your hotel room whenever you want!

7. Play in the rain

It’s Maui. It always rains. Usually just for a minute or two and then it goes away. They call it Hawaii snow. Ha ha. Except for that one day at our luau that is was a complete downpour. That rain didn’t go away. Tip: Just enjoy the rain. Your hair is going to get wet, just remember to wear waterproof mascara and you’re good. Plus, everyone will come up to you and your friends and compliment on your badassness for playing in the rain!

8. Iao Valley

We visited the Iao Valley one day and it was so gorgeous! We’d never done this one before, but it was really awesome. It’s a short little half a mile loop, weaving back and worth across a river and you can see the Iao Needle. It’s really an amazing view of the mountains and other side of the island! Tip: Bring lunch! It’s kind of drive (especially when you stay on the northwest side of the island, and since it’s such a beautiful area, and really such a short walk, it would have been nice to bring some food to enjoy!

9. Luau

I love luaus. I love them. I think they’re so fun. Yes, they’re touristy, but hey, you’re in Maui and everything is touristy, so don’t worry about it. We always go to the luau at the Royal Lahaina. It’s $90 and you get unlimited drinks (so always get two at a time), it’s practically right on the beach, and the food is absolutely amazing! Tip: Reserve your spots ahead of time and take a taxi or uber! You want to make sure you take advantage of the unlimited drinks! 😉

10. Eat like a Queen

I’m on vacation. I’ve worked hard on my Maui body (okay, not hard enough, but I’m satisfied), and now I can eat whatever I want. I ate amazing flatbreads, steaks and potatoes, eggs benedicts, nachos, burritos, sushi, everything in sight. Tip: Who cares about what you’re eating! You’re on vacation! Soak it all up, take it all in, eat it all up! Don’t hold back! There’s plenty of time for salads when you get home 🙂


So those are my must do’s in Maui in 10 ways. Have you ever been to Maui or any of the Hawaiian islands? What are some things you always make sure to do?


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