7 Lessons Learned in Maui

This was my second time visiting Maui, and yet when I got there, there was a lot of  “Oh yeah, I remember that now” or “Wow yeah, that is a Maui thing!”. So here are my “lessons learned” from this last vacation. Although, it maybe should be more like “things remembered”. There are so many things I love about island life and so many things I always try to remember for our next trip!
1. No lotion or Chapstick

My most favorite thing about the island! There’s so much moisture that you never need to put on lotion and I think I used my chapstick all of 2 times while we were there. Everything is perfectly moisturized all the time! It’s fabulous.

2. Everyone can pull off the beachy hippy hair

It’s my favorite when I don’t have to style my hair! It’s too humid so curling or straightening is kind of too much of an effort. And plus at some point in the day you end up in the water and then all that styling is lost. I just used some curling mousse to enhance my waves and let the ocean air do the rest!

3. No pants


I made it a point to remember this time that there is no need to pack any pants. Although, I did wish I brought at least a pair of yoga pants for the plane and for our morning trip to Haleakala – it was freezing! But other than that – it doesn’t get cold enough to want pants!

4. Rental cars screw you

I think this was the first time we actually got a rental car ourselves. Last time our friends took care of it, but this time it was up to us. I booked a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and when we showed up they told me that you don’t really get the car you reserve, you just reserve the size. So we got a wonderful mom car – Nissan Pathfinder. And we did the stupid thing. We got insurance. And that right there, royally screws you. So the whole trip we just kept saying, “It’s okay, we got insurance!”

5. The ocean always claims at least one phone.


First trip to Maui claimed 3 of our phones. Yes 3. I was able to revive mine after a week in rice. But the other 2 were not as fortunate. And of course the boyfriend was one of the phone casualties. Well fast forward to this trip and the boyfriend let the ocean claim his phone yet again! He always forgets! Maybe the third times a charm?

6. Maui Babe lotion is the best


I know what you’re thinking, she said you didn’t need lotion. Yes, that’s true, but when you get a sunburn you need something! We always pick up a bottle of Maui Babe and put it on our sunburns. I swear, it practically turns your burn to tan overnight! (Keep in mind, this is for the more slight sunburns. If you get scorched there is no helping you. Stay inside).

7. Getting up at 6:00 in the morning is fantastic.

Because the islands are 3 hours behind the mainland we were up every day at 6:00 am. and it was absolutely fantastic. We decided to just get up when we woke up, because it made for much longer days! We usually went to bed at 10 or 11 at night, but getting up early allowed us to get so much more done in the days! Even if it was just more beach time!


Well there you have it, my little tips and tricks for being in the Hawaiian islands. Have you ever been? What things do you love about being there?


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