Blog Swap! How To Pick The Perfect Hairstyle in 5 Ways

It’s that time of the month again and just like always I am so excited to blog swap with Allison! Make sure to go over and check out my blog to see what she’s got going on over there!

I recently got my hair done and could not be more in love with it. When I was younger I was very care free about my hair to a point. I would decide I wanted to change it up and that week I was getting it done without another thought. I’ve gotten blonde highlights, went completely red, went from long to above my shoulders twice, and every time was never completely satisfied. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get what I wanted in my brain, out of my mouth the right way.

About 3 years ago I got my hair lightened and trimmed (terrified to cut) and was happy with it. Not over the top thrilled, but content. After that I got it trimmed maybe a couple more times and then stopped cold turkey; I just didn’t do anything. My color grew out, (luckily it looked fine because it wasn’t a style that had to be kept up) and didn’t cut it again for over two years.

Now let me say I understand some don’t care about hair upkeep at all and there is nothing wrong with that. I was obviously one of them. I did my hair and loved styling it, but had given up on the upkeep of it all. I also understand that there’s the whole “Who cares! Hair grows back!” or “You can just go and change it anyway!” and while that’s true, most also spend money to get that done, and you usually want a result your happy with when spending that said money.

When I decided to finally get my hair done this last time I went at it a completely different way. I looked into who was doing it and exactly what I wanted and how I was going to get that across. Now let’s get into it!

1. Look at tons of photos on pinterest. I mean tons. I would look again and again and save all that interested me. I wasn’t looking for an all in one photo either. I was looking at ones where I loved the cut, and ones where I loved the color. I asked multiple people what they thought and what they liked. After hearing from everyone I narrowed it down to 2 cut photos I loved and 2 color photos I loved to give an idea of what was in my head.

2. Be honest with yourself about what hair type you have. I have thin hair and no matter how many vitamins I take or how little I wash it, it will never grow down to my butt and be long and luscious. It just wont happen. After it gets past my boobs it pretty much just thins out and looks straggly. Whatever type you might have, be honest with yourself. I picked a cut that would give me more body and fullness and wasn’t way too short so I could still enjoy length. I also wanted a “choppy” effect to add more body. Going back to #1, when looking at these photos keep your hair texture in mind. Don’t expect to have the exact same result if your hair is completely different. Hair dressers aren’t magicians.

3. Look into who you want doing your hair and get feed back if possible. My sister had gone to the girl I went to before and loved her. This alone gave me confidence in her. Two of my friends also go to one of her family members and have had great experiences so it gave me confidence in the salon all together.

4. When there, show your stylist your thoughts and then explain what you’re wanting to gain. For me I said more body without losing all length and a fun choppy texture. I also added I’m low maintenance. I didn’t want a hair color that I would have to go back in 4 weeks to get touched up or else it would look bad. Feel free to ask advice! That’s what they are there for.

5. While talking be up front about what you want and what your not willing to change, and stick to it. If you don’t want your hair shorter than your shoulders, say you absolutely don’t want it shorter than that. If you leave it up to “Only cut blank amount of inches” that amount can mean different things to different people. Be clear what you are wanting then hopefully you will see the result you are hoping for.

I got just what I wanted and my hair works so much better now! It styles so much better because I don’t have a bunch of dead hair weighing it down, I have a color that I like with my skin tone and overall a look I am loving! I did so much research before I went to make sure I knew what I wanted and how to get that across. 

I really hope some of these tips help if you are looking into getting your hair done! I know they were so much help to me!


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