How to Plan Out Maui in 10 Days

I looooove vacation. I wish my life was a vacation! Being in Maui for 10 days was so nice. Not having a care in the world. Just worrying about what bikini I should wear and what I wanted to drink that day. Vacationing is just the best.

Here’s how I spent my days in Maui. A lot of beaching, a lot of sun, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Day 1

Land on the island! Pick up the rental car (and deal with all the fun that came with that). Then we stopped at Costco to stock up on snacks and drinks. Then we headed over to our hotel. Finally got all settled in, picked up a couple of beers, put on swimsuit, and headed down to the beach! We just relaxed for the remainder of the evening, easing our stresses from traveling.

Day 2

Went and picked up our snorkel gear, and then headed over to the beach by Black Rock. We had lunch at a little outdoor bar and grill and sipped on Mai tais, and then we headed back to the beach to hang out in a cabana and with our friends. We spent a ton of time swimming in the ocean. Truly an awesome first whole day.

Day 3

Woke up, and made a pit stop by the store for some beer and burritos – it was snorkel day! We went to Honolua Bay to go snorkeling and it was so much fun. I love snorkeling because even though I’m bad at swimming, I just float and glide right across the water! That is, until I get a foot cramp! Ouch! Luckily the boyfriend was with me so he could help stretch it out. I probably would have just sunk. After snorkeling we went over to the Maui Brewing Company, because hello, brewery. We just can’t stay away from those. Then it was back to the hotel for some pool time and then downtown Lahaina for dinner!

Day 4

Kaitlyn made me workout with her first thing in the morning. Lame. She wore me out! But then we all hopped in the car and hit the Road to Hana! One of my favorite things because the entire drive is just so gorgeous. We stopped and hiked up to a couple of waterfalls, and then we also stopped for banana bread and tacos along the way! On the last hike it just dumped rain on us, pretty much the entire walk. We were soaked! But at least it was still warm out! This was probably the longest day. Starting at 7 am, and getting back to the hotel finally at 10 pm (after stopping for dinner)!

Day 5ย 

Wedding day! Whoa, whoa, whoa, not mine. Relax. Two of our friends got married (the whole main reason for the trip) on a beach outside their resort. 9 am in the morning! It was beautiful though, and so them. After the ceremony we were really free to go. The only other plan was to have dinner in Lahaina at 5 pm, so we had the whole rest of the day! So back to the Maui Brewing Company we went for lunch! Then we picked up boogie boards and headed back to our friends’ beach! And it dumped rain again all day. But in between our mimosas, playing in the sand, and swimming in the water, it made for a fun day anyway. And then dinner was absolutely insanely delicious, so the day topped off quite nicely!

Day 6

We woke up at 2:30 am to drive up to Haleakala to see the sunrise! And you know what happened? We missed it! Only by about 15 minutes, but there was a ton of clouds it had to rise over, so I say it still counts! Then we saw the sun for about 10 minutes and then realized there wasn’t much else to do. So we drove back down the mountain and found an awesome place for breakfast in Kihei! Then we took a much needed nap, and then met up with the rest of the group back at the beach. Sand mermen were sculpted, beers were sipped, and waves were splashed in. For dinner we all got cleaned up and headed out to Whaler’s Village!

Day 7

This was a chill day at our hotel this time! We took our mimosas down to the lounge chairs and laid around and went back and forth between the ocean and our lounge chairs. The boyfriend went scuba diving on this day and that’s something that I don’t do, so we spent the day apart, but got to get back together for our Luau! Which was completely rained out, but they rescheduled us, which was fantastic! We were all 2-3 mai tais in when they cancelled it, so we just went home and rescheduled it for another night!

Day 8

The rain was finally gone! So we headed over the Iao Valley and walked around there for a bit. It was absolutely beautiful! It’s a short half mile little walk, but SO pretty! Then we went back to the hotel, hung out for a little, and then Kaitlyn and I got prettied up for our date night in Whaler’s Village with the boys! We went all out…dining room, appetizers, STEAKS – it was fabulous. And the boyfriend wore a polo, so you KNOW that means it was a fancy date! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 9

Our last full day on the island! What a sad, sad day. We returned all of our beach stuff (the boogie boards and snorkel gear), and then headed out to brunch. We finally got the boys their beloved Chicken Fried Steak. I went crazy and got one too! Then we just lounged around near the beach, we walked down to a resort about a half mile away and got drinks at their bar. Then we headed back to the room and got ready for our Luau take two! It was perfectly dry weather this time around! Great food, great drinks, and some people even recognized the guys from the rainy luau!

Day 10

The saddest day. We had to get up relatively early…6 am (although, we’d been up at that time every day pretty much), but this time it was to go home. Ugh. We packed up, loaded up the rental, and then headed off to the airport. Bye Maui ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


It felt like a whirlwind of a trip that’s for sure! I could have stayed MUCH longer! But all good things must come to an end right? So there you have it. For those of you wondering what the heck you do on an island for 10 days…there it is! A lot of drinking, eating, swimming, lounging, and soaking in the sun!

How do you like to spend your vacations?!


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