How to Tell It’s Going to Be A Long Day in 3 Ways

Some days are just harder than others. Or weirder than others. Or slightly more off than others. And it definitely makes for a slow or harder or longer day! You know those days I’m talking about. When something happens first thing in the morning and it makes you think, “Holy shit, it’s going to be a long day.” That was me just the other day…

It all started when I hopped in the boyfriend’s jeep. Let me preface this with the fact that the boyfriend is a commuter and I’m not, so we’ve swapped cars. I get the big jeep and he gets my cute little Janie (yes, that’s what I call my car). Well the boyfriend likes to take the doors and windows off during the summer, which is so much fun during the weekend! The weekdays…not as much. Still fun! But not AS much. I always wear a hat to keep my hair from ‘fro-ing out on the drive to work. So here’s my signs of a long day…

1. Thought I lost something out the side of the jeep

I threw a jacket and my purse in the back seat of the jeep and then took off for work. I got about 30 seconds down the road when I heard something hit the inside of the jeep, so I assumed something flew out. I pulled over and looked at everything…and my hat was missing! I was like, shit, that must have flown out! I really like that hat! So I make a U-turn to go search for it. I get about 15 seconds back down the road and realize my hat is on my freaking head. What a dumbass! So then I made another U-turn and headed back in the direction to work!

2. Get to work and forget how to write my own name

I was filling out some letters to go to coworkers in other offices, and I went to write my name and just completely butchered my own name. A-L-I-S-S-O-N. How do you spell your own name wrong!? I had to cross it out, realized that looked lame, and then white out all over it. Oops.

3. When you try to cool off your salad

I brought a salad with chicken on it to work for lunch. I had kept it in the fridge so it’d stay nice and cool. When it was time for lunch, I clocked out, grabbed my salad out of the fridge, sat down, stabbed a few veggies and chicken, and then raised it to my mouth. And then I blew on it. Like I was trying to cool off a bite of lasagna or something! HELLO. It’s already cold honey. You don’t need to blow on it!

Anyone else experiencing long days? It’s just such a rough life sometimes, ya know? 😉

8 thoughts on “How to Tell It’s Going to Be A Long Day in 3 Ways

  1. This was awesome! 1. My high school bf had a jeep and I had no car so I would steal his and complain about how it takes 5 minutes to get to 60mph and I couldn’t cut people off on the freeway or hear my Ludacris CD with the doors and stuff off. Yes I’m that old. 2. You mean I wasn’t supposed to blow off my ice cream??? Seriously other drastic temperatures of food have me default to blowing lmao. What other response would I have? 😀 But I do put the butter packets in restaurants between my knees to warm them so they’re easily spreadable = I’m a chef/scientist/genius. 3. Usually I start my day off with some sort of an email from a boss/coworker/client who never sleeps and abuses the internet and I’m like DAFAQ this is what today is going to be like…so yeah…

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