How to Stop Being So Lazy in 3 Ways

I tried to write this post weeks ago. I started it and then would leave it, and then come back to it, and then leave it again. I tried to write about how to not be lazy to motivate myself to stop being lazy, but I’m so lazy I can’t even write about being lazy. How did this happen??

1. Stop complaining

My biggest thing? I always complain about being lazy. “I never get anything done at home, or at work, or on the weekends.” Cry me a river woman. That’s your own fault. If you don’t like it. Change it.

2. Get up!

I’m talking about anywhere and any time of the day. Stop sleeping in until noon. That’s lazy. Unless you went to bed at like 6 am or are working the graveyard shift. Stop coming home and plopping on the couch. Use that momentum to do a workout! As much as I try, I can’t wish my soft body away. I have to get my butt moving if I want results!

3. Get motivated

Sometimes I have a million things I want to accomplish after work or on the weekends. But sitting down and watching TV just seems so much easier and appealing. I just need to figure out what I want to do and why I want to do it. And then just do it. Why is this such a hard concept for me to grasp?


I just need to get my act together! Stop being so lazy, start doing more, and just make time for the things I want! I’m in a rut…I need to full speed out of it. Anyone else feeling this way? Anyone got any tips for how they motivate themselves to do anything else other than sit at home?


18 thoughts on “How to Stop Being So Lazy in 3 Ways

  1. For me, it’s all about lists and setting priorities:

    I like to cross things off my lists, so that motivates me, but I also feel that I’m less overwhelmed if I clearly write out everything that I need to do and make an action plan to tackle it. Otherwise, I feel like, “oh, I have to clean the house, call this person back, do a school assignment, meal prep, workout, etc. etc. etc.” and I’d rather cuddle my dog ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I feel like I’m always lazy. I’m not sure I’m complaining about it though. I feel lucky to have the option to be lazy right now!!! In a few years there may be babies running around, so I might as well take advantage of it now!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Ooof! I know what you mean, I’m the great procrastinator!….I bought a whiteboard with days of the week on it to help me set targets and motivate myself…guess where it is? Still in its wrapper….I’m not depressed or anything like that, just a lazy bones!

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  4. There are a few things I’ve discovered that help get one focused on those goals. First, make the goals visible. When I decided I wanted to leave the corporate world to become a writer, I figured going to Australia for six months would be a good way to start that adventure. I put photos of Australia in strategic places. I had an envelope marked AUSTRALIA, prominently displayed, in which I put any money I didn’t spend on something unnecessary. I recorded music that helped me focus on my goal, with songs like “Time for a Cool Change” and “I’m Already Gone.” I got rid of my TV and read books that would prepare me for both Australia and the business of writing. (I’d always been a writer, but I’d never really focused on figuring out the whole being self-employed thing.) It is REALLY easy to get distracted, which is why you need lots of things reminding you of your goals — on the refrigerator door, on the bathroom mirror. Make the goals inescapable. Lists are helpful, too — part of that making goals visible — write down steps, not just goals. I think you’ll be surprised how much more you get done.

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