How to Workout in Front of the TV in 10 Ways

It has definitely been hard for me to get back into that workout groove! I also realized that because of a shoulder injury I haven’t really fully lifted weights since March! I’m just so lazy when it comes to getting my ass in the gym. So I’ve been coming home, thinking to myself, I’ll just workout at home! But then I get home and I want to read, watch TV, and blog. So many things! I hardly want to lock myself away in my workout room. (I know, the simple solution would be to put a TV in the workout room, but I’m not made of money!).

Out of inspiration from Kaitlyn’s Accountability post at Me, Myself, and Everything Else, I’ve decided to join her on her 8 week fitness adventure. More working out, more clean eating, more accountability for the next 8 weeks. I can do this! I’ve started doing some exercises in front of the TV so I don’t have to haul all of my equipment into the living room. Here’s some simple things you can do to get your booty moving and all in front of the boob tube!

1. Lunges


The worst best exercise for your booty. I seriously hate lunges, but they make that booth tight!!

2. Squats


Squat it like it’s hot! Hakuna Masquata. It means nice booty. It wasn’t until this year that I realized I was doing squats all wrong. Don’t let those knees go past your toes!

3. Push ups


HATE these. But I can actually do them now so I guess that’s a good sign! Start with 10, then rest for 10 seconds. Then 9 push-ups, then rest for 9 seconds, and so on until you get down to 1.

4. Crunches


Flatten that tummy!! Position yourself at a 45 degree angle to your TV. You can still see everything that’s happening and then you just crunch it out!

5. Side lunges


Get that inner thigh burn going! Another great leg exercise.

6. Donkey kicks


Ugh I love this one! Another for your bottom! Kick those legs high! Like you want a tight ass!

7. Tricep Dips


Great exercise! Use a chair to dip down from, or if you don’t have a chair get into an old school crab position and start filling yourself!

8. Plank


Another easy one! Start at the commercial break and hold it for at least 2 commercials. Then push for the 3rd commercial!

9. Bicycle crunches


Another great way to work those abs! Go until you physically can’t go anymore. And then do it again!

10. Fire hydrants


I hate these ones so much. It literally makes my hips feel like they are about to burst into flames. But ohhhh that burn! It hurts so good!


And there you have it. My favorite exercises to do in front of the TV while I’m trying to be productive while being lazy. It’s all about the body weight when you’re too lazy to move your weights in front of the TV! 🙂

Oh and by the by, it is so hard and awkward to take pictures of yourself working out. So give me a break! 🙂

So. Who wants to join us?! What kinds of exercises do you guys like to bust out real quick?

15 thoughts on “How to Workout in Front of the TV in 10 Ways

  1. I normally workout whilst watching tv, I find it to boring to do without something o in the background. Squats are my least favourite exercise, along with wall sits, the burn! Great post.

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