How to Blogiversary Week! Day 2

Looking back over the past year I realized I had quite a few posts that have been my favorite. A few of them were way back when I first started but I just had to share again! I literally die everyday I read them. It’s also fun to see what crazy things came to my mind back then, and then I get to read them and nod my head and think, yeah that is true!

How to Not be That Drunk Girl in 10 Ways – This one is a collection of my drunkest moments and memories. It seriously kills me every time I look at it, but it really is just too good. I mean, I have the worst luck (or best?) when it comes to drunk stories. And yes, they are all true stories. Ah the good ole days 😉


How to Be Awkward in the Workplace in 10 Easy Steps – This is about the transition from working as a bartender to working in a human resources department, and just working in a corporate environment all together. Opposite ends of the spectrum on this one! But just as much a great learning experience.

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How to Get Ready for the Fourth in 10 Ways – My very first post (outside of my “Introduction” post) on the blog! In the spirit that the 4th of July is this weekend…this is a great post to revisit! And I still pretty much stand by everything I said in this post!


10 Things You Never Think About When You Move Out on Your Own – Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of adulting. It never gets old. It’s amazing the things I never thought about when I lived with the parentals! Living on my own has been one interesting adventure that’s for sure!


How to Style Your Bar Cart in 10 Ways – I love this post because I am so proud of myself on the deal I found for the perfect bar cart. And duh, living on my own means I absolutely have a need for a bar cart.



I could keep going all day about my favorite posts. Hell, I bet you it’d be practically my whole blog. But I know y’all don’t have all day, but if you do have a few extra minutes I hope you check these out!

Do you have a favorite of mine? Do you have a favorite of yours? Leave a link to it in the comments so I can check it out!

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