How to Spot a Best Friend in 5 Ways

I’ve been lucky to find a few of the most amazing women that I get to call my best friends. Some have been in my life since the 2nd grade, some in the last 4 years, some even more recent than that. But let me tell you, no matter the time I’ve known them, I know that I can always count on them to get my back. And I love every single one of them for that.img_4947I love moments when something happens and I can literally look at our friendship and think, yes, this may be one of the main reasons we are such good friends. And when you find ’em, you keep ’em!

1. When you have common enemies

I love it when you’re scrolling through Facebook and your best friend sees a picture of someone and stops scrolling and turns to you to say, “Is this the one WE don’t like?” Nothing better than a friend that doesn’t like people just because you don’t. That’s true homie shit.

2. Experiencing the same feelings

I love it when you’re talking about your truest feelings and your best friend says, “OMG, thank god you said something because I feel the same EXACT way!” Like when I say I’m really trying to be healthy with you and eat this salad, but I know that we could get a pizza here in 45 minutes. And then boom #cheatmeal happens. Or cheat day.

3. Sending a picture to you of something you’ve already decided you wanted

I love it when I see something online that I absolutely love, only to open my Instagram and see that my girl has sent me the same picture and tagged me with a “We need these” comment.

4. Being able to relate you to food

When your friend says, “If you were ever turned into a platter of food, this would be it.” I don’t think anyone can know you better than when they literally turn your personality and loves into an entire snack dish.

5. They teach you new things

I have the vocabulary of a 5 year old, but that’s what friends are for…to teach you new words. Like “cathartic”. Now I can drop that word whenever I want. 

I am SO extremely lucky to have my ladies around me all the time. And some of them aren’t around all the time, but we never skip a beat when we get back together! And besides, that’s what the world of technology is for – texts, emails, phone calls, pictures, social media, it’s great!

I think it’s pretty obvious when you have a best friend, but it’s still fun to look at those exact reasons of when and why you fell in friendship love. What’s one of your favorite things about your bestie?


11 thoughts on “How to Spot a Best Friend in 5 Ways

  1. I have had some of my friends since high school and others since college and even one since my wedding day. Friends like that are a gift that we should be thankful for!

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  2. I love how, when I text one of my best friends “I miss you so much!”, she would immediately call me the moment she sees the text and we talk about everything for hours. Love this post! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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