Blog Swap! How To Cure A Hangover In 6 Ways 

It’s blog swap time and you know what that means! I’m taking over Allison’s blog and she’s over on mine chatting over there! Make sure to go check out what she’s up to! Now let’s get into it because this week is good! 

I’m sure a lot of you have been there where you’ve had an amazing night only to wake up in agony repeating “I think I’m dying” or “I can’t believe I went to __ bar on my second to last day on earth.” Yes, I do like to be dramatic for effect even when doing said dying. 

Now even if you don’t drink or aren’t old enough yet I hope you can still enjoy this post and have some laughs at my agony!  

1. Remove your makeup

Hunny, we all know you didn’t take it off the night before when you were partaking in the fun that gave you this hangover. Take it off so you can start to feel fresh. Also, put on comfy clothes because we all know you slept in your going out clothes or your birthday suit… 


Fountain Soda, bottled, cans who cares! Drink it all! There’s nothing quite like a sip to make you just feel happier inside. Oh also, water! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

3. Bathroom time…

I’m gonna skip over this one quickly but, there is a monster inside you. Get it out any way possible. 

4. Tylenol 

Pop it! Because nothing is gonna make that pounding go away! And for whatever reason, hungover people including myself love to be loud. 

5. When the time is right, and only then, eat all the grease

This post was prompted by this past weekend and when everyone was eating there yummy greasy breakfast, I just couldn’t. It laid there next to me for over an hour till I finally started to nibble on it. Once I could it was a LIFE SAVER. 

6. Be around others that also feel like crap

Suffering together is just more fun! Also, some of my favorite memories have been made during those hangover days where we are delirious and laughing at anything. 

7. Find something to distract you
Anything from a fun show, the pool or Pokemon Go! Yup! I had to say it at some point. I’m obsessed like everyone else and not afraid to admit it! 

8. When you start feeling alive, walk it out! 

Nick and I took a walk to look at Pokemon Go after laying around all day and it made me few so much better. I also know it made me sleep better because my body actually got some movement that day! 

Please leave your tips for curing a nasty hangover below!! Happy Thursday! 

22 thoughts on “Blog Swap! How To Cure A Hangover In 6 Ways 

  1. I throw up in my bra to avoid getting my clothes messy. That’s probably the most personal I’ll ever get on the internet…I blame coffee, boredom, and hormones! 😀

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  2. Hangovers are the absolute worst! I totally agree on the soda and greasy food- that always temporarily makes me feel better! Also, BC Powder- if you don’t know what it is.. it’s strips of crushed up aspirin that you pour in your mouth and chase it down with a drink- it’s crushed so it gets in your bloodstream faster than a traditional pill, plus it also contains caffeine, which always helps cure a hangover!

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