How to be Irrationally Fearful in 6 Ways

I will admit that I am probably close to the biggest worry wart on the planet. Maybe not THE worst but pretty damn close. I have the worst irrational fears. Like things that aren’t even possible make me stress and worry. It’s kind of ridiculous and sad at the same time. Let me give you some examples.

Worry Wart gif

1. Purse flying out of jeep

My purse weighs probably somewhere close to 20 pounds (at least it feels that way!) and I have this irrational fear that it will just fly out of the jeep while I’m driving. I can barely lift it out of the jeep, but it could fly out no problem?!

2. Light bulbs bursting into flames

Sometimes I’ll leave a lamp on in my apartment. But then I’ll worry for the first couple hours away from home that the light bulb will just spontaneously burst into flames and burn the whole place down. Really?

3. Tea kettle overheating and frying

We have an electric tea kettle, which I love! But when I leave it plugged in I am always afraid that it will somehow switch on and boil away whatever water is left in it until it’s all gone and then it will just fry itself to death.

worry gif

4. New electronics sparking in the outlet

This is definitely a weird one. I admit it. But whenever I get a new electronic thing I am afraid to leave it plugged in because what if it’s faulty and then sparks and then burns the whole place down? Of course I assume this would only happen once I leave the house. That could never happen while I’m there….

5. Dishwasher flooding my apartment

My dishwasher is from the 80s. It still works great, but it is SO loud! Like if I ever run it while I’m at home I can’t hear music or TV, it’s like I have to go sit in my bedroom or something. So I always start it once I’m on my way out. And I always think that I’m going to get a phone call from my landlord to tell me my apartment is flooding.

worry 3 gif

6. The ocean

Specifically the northern part of the west coast. It’s cold, there’s so much seaweed, and little crabs that bury themselves in the sand, and jellyfish. It’s just not fun. Now the Maui ocean is just fine! I could stay in that all day – as long as I can touch the ground! And I’m also just terrified of drowning. So there’s that too.


Apparently I am just afraid of my apartment spontaneously bursting into flames…or getting completely destroyed. Yikes.

worry 2 gif

What things do you guys find yourself worrying about that’s just slightly ridiculous??

6 thoughts on “How to be Irrationally Fearful in 6 Ways

  1. I used to worry my keys would get dropped into sewers after parking my car, but now I worry they’ll fall down the elevator shaft in my building (because I need them to get in my apartment). It’s pretty rational since I usually drop things.

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  2. I have a similar fear to #1, but it’s broader. I get scared that my phone will fly out of my pocket and down a storm drain and things like that. Anything valuable (usually my phone, though, tbh), flying out of someplace where it is perfectly safe and losing it forever because it got destroyed. I mean, if you think about it, it’s not *that* bad, because you just have to replace the phone, unless it’s something irreplaceable. 😦

    And the dishwasher one is totally understandable! Although I must say, since it’s so old, your probably safer than if it was new. We got a new, top of the line dishwasher a couple years ago, because we thought if we made the investment for a high end product, it would pay off, and function properly. Well, in the first year we had so many problems with it, they ended up replacing it because it was still under warranty. We still have had several issues with the second one, and it currently leaks every time we run it. It’s not a lot, but we have to stick a rag underneath it, and the toe kick part it removed so we can keep an eye on it. So that’s our new dishwasher horror story. 🙂 Why can’t they make things like they used to. 👵🏼 😄

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