Drunk Conversations with the Boyfriend

When I have girls night, the boyfriend has boys night. We take turns deciding who will be drinking that night. But one night I picked him up and he had had quite a few old fashions, which he proceeded to tell me the whole way home. “We had soooo many old fashions Allison!” Oh honey. It’s pretty hilarious to see him drunk and have to drive him home.

He rattles off the most interesting things ever and then the other parts are like where is this even coming from dude? Let me give you a few examples from our last escapade.

Boyfriend: Do you prefer the name Allison, Alli, or Al?

Me: Uhhhhh…?

Boyfriend: Dude, let’s think about it, I had like 3, 6, 9 shots tonight.

Me: Did you take shots tonight?

Boyfriend: No but it was like 9 shots tonight.

Boyfriend: You know what I think about a lot?

Me: What?

Boyfriend: Dogs. Does a Chihuahua and a Great Dane know that they’re the same species?

Boyfriend: Can I ask you a question? That’s a Riebes truck ahead of us. Who is at Riebes this late at night to receive that shipment? I mean, how shitty would that be to get the phone call at midnight that you gotta go in and receive an order?

Me: Uhhhh….? Should we follow it then and make sure the driver is okay?

Boyfriend: Can you text my buddy and tell him this: hey you got me drunk.

Boyfriend: Cats are weird. They can like…read you.

Boyfriend: Let me help you with your blog. I’ve got a lot of good ideas up here.

Ahhhh geez. Way too entertaining though! Anyone else ever pick up their man from a guys night like this? It almost makes me want to schedule another one so I can see what words of wisdom come out next time!

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