How to Get a New Hobby in 4 Ways

A while ago, I mean like maybe a year ago, I wrote about coming to terms with being hobby-less. I’d never had a hobby or anything I’d been good at (I soon later claimed blogging as a hobby), but recently I think I have found another hobby! More like a hobby that I can perfect into a skill. Are you ready for it!? Are you sure?


1. The boyfriend got me into it – (I did kind of beg for one too)


He bought me a compound bow for my birthday a few months ago. We spent hours at the shop putting arrows through different bows trying to figure out which one I liked best. Well, that was my first time shooting arrows and it definitely messed up my shoulder. I couldn’t lift anything for the following 6 weeks. Yes, rookie mistake. Then we got so busy and were never able to take it out to sight it in.

2. Got me all set up and I’m ready to rock n’ roll


Finally, this month we took it out to the local archery range and got me all set up! And let me tell you, it was fucking fantastic. And so much fun! I crave it now! And just so y’all know, 40 yards is my jam. That pin was set perfectly and I could hit everything at that distance!

3. Now it’s an activity for the boyfriend and I to do together

The boyfriend has had his bow for a bit longer than me and he has a hard time finding the time to practice too. But now it’s something that we can do together, just the two of us. And I am all about it, now that it’s set up and I can actually hit some targets!

4. Stretching out my brain to learn something new

Uh yeah, I’m not athletic and my hand-eye-coordination has always been super shitty. But it challenges me a lot to learn something new and it felt really good to be doing something out of my norm. I am hooked!


Ah, I can’t wait until we can go out again. And who knows, if the boyfriend stays as busy as he is, I might just have to go out myself! Have any of you ever tried or do archery? Or maybe you just got a new hobby too? I want to hear about it!


16 thoughts on “How to Get a New Hobby in 4 Ways

  1. That is so cool! I’ve never tried archery before. I’m always terrified I’ll take out someone’s eye, but that’s such a good idea to try something different. I really want to try visiting a gun range. We don’t own a gun in our home yet, but my husband has been talking about getting one. I wouldn’t mind visiting a shooting range every now and then just for fun. My husband is a corrections officer, so he is able to visit for free so many times a year.

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    • Oh wow!! I didn’t even think about that! That’s funny. I saw your rugby post – damn girl! That’s so intense! I don’t think I could do that one! Lol


  2. This post makes me want to go buy a bow! I’ve missed shooting. What bow did you end up getting? I need to get to an archery shop and start trying some out. Maybe it’ll be my Christmas present to myself this year. Can’t wait to see more archery posts! Are you going to try and get out hunting? Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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