How to Go Jeeping in 10 Ways

I love spending my weekends outdoors and soaking up the sun! That’s exactly how I want to spend a Saturday or Sunday. Out and about! The boyfriend let us take the Jeep off road one day, where I believe she truly belongs! Out on some dusty dirt road!


We drove up the hill a bit, and then took her off road into the mountains! It was so much fun. Just playing good tunes, playing 20 questions with each other, and then reaching our destination and cooling off with a nice ice cold beer. The mosquitos were a little thick, but hey, once they bite, it’s all over anyway, so you might as well get over it. Here’s what I make sure to bring with us as we jeep our way through the great outdoors.

1. Sunscreen


With the doors and windows and top off the jeep, that sun is beating down on us! So I made sure to put sunscreen on before we left the house! I don’t want to ruin my tan lines! But it definitely is hard in the Jeep, when the sun is just scorching us…all of us. Head, shoulders, thighs, feet, arms, everything.

2. Bug Spray


I always bring bug spray when I head to the mountains. You’ll never know who you’ll meet up there! When we found a lake to stop by for lunch we got out of the Jeep, and immediately got attacked by mosquitos. It was like they hadn’t seen human flesh in years and when we arrived…they swarmed! Out comes the dryer sheets, mosquito bracelets, and bug spray! REPEL!

3. Lunch


You gotta have something to do when you reach your destination…and for me…that’s eat! We grabbed a couple of sandwiches on the way up so we didn’t have to bother making anything at home. Also, we haven’t bought groceries in a few weeks so that kind of helped us decide what to do for lunch!

4. Location

You have got to have a plan when you leave the house! I need to know the general area where we are going! Is it cold, hot, bugs, no bugs, isolated, populated? I need to know…

5. Destination



Yes, this kind of goes hand in hand with the location, but you gotta make sure that you’ve got a turn around spot in mind. A place to hop out, fuel up, and relax and enjoy the scenery around me.

6. Sunnies

Uh duh. I use my sunglasses as protection from the sun and the dust. They’re more like goggles after a certain point. You’ve got to protect those eyeballs! We only get two!

7. Ride


Well in order to go “jeeping’ it’s crucial to have a Jeep. That’s all I can really say here. Unless you just go “off roading” then you can drive whatever you want πŸ™‚

8. Communication


The boyfriend loves his CB Radio. He can talk to his jeep buddies as we crawl along the trail. And it’s actually pretty fun! And entertaining.

9. Tunes


Another Duh! You have got to have a soundtrack for your excursion! Ours was mostly country music and oldies. But I loved every minute of it.

10. Hat


Protect your scalp! Especially when the top is off the Jeep, then you really have nothing protecting you! And that sun is going to get HOT!! A hat is a great way to protect your scalp and keep the dust at bay. Not away, but at bay.


Is anyone else a fellow jeeper? It is really fun! And sometimes it’s good to get a little dirty! Okay, a lot dirty!

9 thoughts on “How to Go Jeeping in 10 Ways

  1. My husband had a Jeep before the baby. I made him trade it in last year when we got pregnant. Unfortunately the two door Jeep just wasn’t going to cut it with a car seat. When we did have it, it was a lot of fun! We loved taking it down to the beach.

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