Schedule Update!

Happy Monday Y’all!

No fun post today, but I did want to announce a change in my blog posting schedule! Beginning this week, I will start to post on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wednesdays will still be reserved for my Random Thoughts. Fridays will be posts as normal; “How To” do something in whatever number of ways I come up with 🙂

A few random posts may be sprinkled in here and there, but for the most part, that will be the new schedule!

Hope you all have a fabulous start to your week! And I will see you on Wednesday for more randomness!!

How to Choose a Domain Name?!

Alright ladies and gents…I’ve begun the long process of trying to move my blog off of to But I need some help! I can’t decide on a domain name. Right now it’s currently tenways10.wordpress, and I can totally keep that, but I want to make sure it’s the perfect one!

I’ve made a poll for you guys if you could take a look at the options and help a sista out! I figure you guys know my blog the best…so what do you guys think would be the best one?! Please! Feel free to vote and let me know what you’re thinking! And comment if you’ve got any suggestions or tips! 🙂

And bear with me over the next couple weeks as I try to figure everything out with the switch!

But please do stay tuned 😉