How to Love and Hate Weddings in 9 Ways

I have been to 4 weddings this year already. People are just getting married all over the place. And it’s weird because a lot of them are my friends. Like people my age. Getting married. It’s crazy I tell ya! There’s always two sides to going to a wedding. A love and a hate side if you will. There’s so many things about weddings that I love and then there’s some other things that I hate. Well maybe hate is a strong word. It’s more like dislike or inconvenient. Anywho, here are my love/hates of weddings.


1. Seeing your friend’s best day of their life

There is something truly special and magical about watching one of your friends vow their love to their significant other. Just totally and completely wrapped up in each other for a day.

2. Open bars


Uh hell yeah. You know where you can find me! I didn’t Uber here for nothing! 😉

3. Dressing up


As you know, I’m lazy. I like my jeans, T-shirt, and converse. It’s easy. But when there’s an actual reason to dress up, I do kind of love it. I put on a cute dress, add some sparkly jewelry, curl my hair, and just get a little fancy!

4. Free food


Uh yessss. I love eating, so when it’s for free, bring it on!

5. Dancing


Okay this one…I like to dance. With the right amount of liquid courage and partner, it’s a blast! Do I want to spend every weekend at the club? No. But wedding music is just so much fun, and the boyfriend and I really know how to let loose on a dance floor!



6. When are you getting married?


I’m at a wedding because THEY are getting married, it’s not a premonition of my life. It doesn’t mean that I’ll be getting married next week. It’s not like the flu, and I’ll catch it after the bride has it.

7. Open bars


Ah yes, this has appeared on the good and the bad list. Open bar = good. Open bar with Allison’a lack of self control = bad. The unlimited drinks is not a challenge girl! Slow down.

8. Feet getting stomped on on the dance floor


I don’t wear heels, so I usually wear sandals. And then it’s this little piggy goes ouchy all throughout the night. Between all the stilettos and men out there stomping around…let’s just say I almost always lose a toenail.

9. Making small talk with strangers


This can be good and bad. But I’m just SO bad at small talk that I just come across as the stupid weird friend. The whole “so who do you know and how did you get invited” never really gets me very far. I don’t know why…


BUT as you can tell, the loves outweigh the hates, which is why I’ll never turn a wedding down. Besides, seeing people publicly express their love for one another…ah shit, what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic!

Anything you guys are loving or hating at weddings? Or am I alone here?

22 thoughts on “How to Love and Hate Weddings in 9 Ways

  1. This is so appropriate. My wedding is actually on Saturday. I also have a love/hate relationship with ALL weddings, including my own. I cried like a baby at my best friend’s wedding as if she was my daughter or something, but I absolutely hated my bridesmaid dress.

    Also, I have a vicious dislike for Friday at 5pm weddings for people I don’t know that well. Like I get it’s the most important day of YOUR life, but it’s not of mine. So taking some vacation time to make it to your wedding on time really rubs me the wrong way. If it’s a friend of mine, I can usually justify it much more. I’m such a beeyotch. I get people want to save money by doing it on a Friday night, but to me I’d much rather just pick a cheaper place and have a Saturday wedding so my guests can relax and not have to rush.

    Our wedding is SUPER casual. For this entire point. I like the night out of weddings but sometimes its a pain in the arse…as I’m sure you’re starting to see with all your friends getting married. Our group of friends has been getting married non-stop for the last two years so we are totally over weddings at this point. We are just having a formal ceremony and then a big party with lawn games and a DJ. Nothing too crazy.

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  2. I used to operate sound system at my former church and I was called upon to do a lot of weddings and they can be a dance and a nightmare at the same time. It’s a blessed time but one where there are lots of moving parts and room for heartache and headaches.

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  3. Kev and I are known as professional wedding goers, we had a wedding every Saturday for 9 weeks one summer! And haven’t managed a whole year without a wedding since! Is it any wonder we’re contemplating eloping ourselves! Haha!

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  4. You didn’t mention the ridiculous COST! Hotel, train, outfit not to mention the gift register (am I the only old fogey that thinks it’s rude to demand gifts). Plus the drunken uncle that attempts to dance a bit too close. And of course, the narcissistic girl who can’t stand that all eyes aren’t on her for 20 seconds and starts up some drama shit.

    Or maybe you do weddings different over there 😉

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    • Haha. Sounds like your weddings are very entertaining! I’ve kicked out and had some local weddings this year, but you are absolutely right…the COST is always enough for everyone to put on their hate list.


      • It’s even worse if you’re in the bridal party and have to play at being Kofi Annan for the day keeping the warring factions apart. Or worse, taming the bride (or groom)zilla!
        No, the open bar is the only thing that makes it bearable….at least I can recoup my costs 🙂

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