Blog Swap! Do’s & Don’t’s of Traveling With Groups!

Happy Friday!
I wanted to share a blog swap I did with miss Kaitlyn a while back about traveling in groups. Sometimes it can be a blast and others time can prove to be a little bit more difficult.

It’s definitely important to keep in mind that it is still your trip, your vacation too! So do what you want!

Me, Myself and Everything Else

It’s BLOG SWAP day! I know how excited you guys are. After you’re done reading here be sure to head over to my blog to see what Kaitlyn is talking about today! I’m over here still trying to come down off the highs of vacations, and back into the lows of reality…

I don’t think in the four years of dating, the boyfriend and I have taken a vacation just the two of us. Yes, we’re weird like that. We’re both very social, and we would just rather take the party with us rather than find the party! So we’ve always traveled in groups. Usually it’s just with Kaitlyn and Nick, but some trips end up with much larger groups! This last trip to Maui was a group of 7 of us. Not too big, but just big enough!

There’s always something you discover when traveling with a larger group of…

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