How to Choose a Domain Name?!

Alright ladies and gents…I’ve begun the long process of trying to move my blog off of to But I need some help! I can’t decide on a domain name. Right now it’s currently tenways10.wordpress, and I can totally keep that, but I want to make sure it’s the perfect one!

I’ve made a poll for you guys if you could take a look at the options and help a sista out! I figure you guys know my blog the best…so what do you guys think would be the best one?! Please! Feel free to vote and let me know what you’re thinking! And comment if you’ve got any suggestions or tips! 🙂

And bear with me over the next couple weeks as I try to figure everything out with the switch!

But please do stay tuned 😉

15 thoughts on “How to Choose a Domain Name?!

  1. Unless you want more space, full control over your layout or to monetize doing the thing isn’t really necessary. You can do a custom domain name here on You can upgrade your service level here that will give you that flexibility too. I also like the fact that you can get additional customer support from the people who have built the software too.

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  2. I am literally in the same process of switching too… it is taking longer than expected just trying to find the time to get everything switched and looking good. So tedious!
    “” seems pretty fitting for you… 🙂

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  3. Hi… I appear to have unfollowed you ages ago. I think it must have been on one of the days I purged a load of followings off the reader in a vicious spring cleany mood. Your post from that day must not have done it for me. But ive regretted it since, but was too embarrassed to refollow. I havent been wordpressing for most of this year but I was in fact trying to remember the name of your blig today to have a look. I knew it was 10 ways, then something… but couldnt get there. Anyway mini essay over, gonna go ahead and follow again, if thats cool. Btw I was the only vote for tenways10 it looks like. Seeya.

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  4. That might have been totally unnecessary btw. But just I got a follow once from someone I thought followed me and it annoyed me.


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