How to Deal With Your Lady Time in 5 Ways

**Disclaimer** — Guys – sorry. You’ll probably want to skip this post, but ladies I have just got to vent for a few minutes here. Mostly to the effect that I’m sure most of you will be sitting reading this thinking hell yeah sister. You’re right!

It’s the worst. Am I right? I mean it’s the best when you’re like yay! Another month without getting pregnant – self five! But I do not handle shark week, the dot, the time of the month, my visit from aunt flo, whatever it is that you call it – I do not handle it well. I become the biggest drama queen, bitch, devouring everything in sight, and slacking off in life in general to the most extreme. Get out of my way. I just don’t want to deal. But I do try to keep a few things around the house and on my mind to make the suffering a little more bearable.

1. Netflix/Hulu – Just TV in general

I told the boyfriend, sorry hun, but I have to marathon watch Bachelor in Paradise this week. That’s all there is to it. And then when I finish that, I have to get back over to Netflix to spend some good ole time with Jane the Virgin.

2. Hot Tea

I always treat myself to some hot Starbucks drinks on my way to work during this week. Ease the cramps a little, and just spoil myself a little. Then I come home and enjoy a nice cup of hot tea to warm my tummy. No matter what time of year.

3. All the wine

Nothing wrong with enjoying an adult beverage with dinner. But this week, I want to have red wine. And a couple of glasses too, so it gets me feeling all happy and sleepy. And then boom, I’m out for the count and I’ve got no room for complaints

4. Chocolate

I know, this one is pretty cliched, but I MUST have chocolate. I need it. I don’t keep it in the house regularly, but I always stop by the store and get myself a bag of something or even just a candy bar at the gas station. I just need to feel guilty for two minutes and satisfy my sugar tooth, despite the fact that it feels like a cavity.

5. Cleaning

This one is weird I’ll admit it! But let me be clear – this one is about 2 hours of straight cleaning the whole week. That’s it. But it makes me feel better to be up and about and moving instead of curling up on the couch suffering through cramp pains. I just dedicate about 20 minutes straight and try to clean as much as I can. I know it’s weird. But so am I.


Well there you have it. A little TMI from sincerely yours. I’ve always wanted to write this post and then I always worry about what people would say, but then I remembered. Um hello, this isย myย blog. I can write whatever I want. So tell me ladies…what did I miss?

14 thoughts on “How to Deal With Your Lady Time in 5 Ways

  1. Recently I’ve been feeling nauseous on Day 1 and literally have to snack all day to stave it off. I’m quite lucky in that I don’t get cramps that often, and when I do, it’s usually only once, and I just medicate myself cause I’m a baby. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I have gotten to the point now that I just let myself do whatever I want on Day 1 because I feel so crappy, I usually don’t feel like doing anything, so giving myself the day off is my best bet. Of course, that wouldn’t be an option if I had a regular job. I’m just about due myself,so I feel like I’m all prepared now!

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  2. Ok. I’m about to change your life right here. Ready?
    – Sticky disposable heating pad thingy’s. Google Adhesive Heating Pad, and you’ll thank me later. These are amazing for cramps and can wear them under your clothes at work.
    – Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel squares are heaven when I am going through this time.

    Wait until/if you are ever pregnant. It’s like the time of the month for 10 straight months, minus the gross stuff. But its great because you are totally allowed to slack off and make your significant other do all the chores. Also towards the end, you just give up and your legs don’t get shaved for like 3 months. But that’s mostly because you haven’t seen your legs in 3 months.



    • Hahaha omg that last part is hilarious! And I’ve used those heating pads before! They are really amazing! But I definitely forgot about them until just now! Lol


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