How to Turn Your Pictures Into Prints in 4 Ways

I always spend a lot of time snapping photos. Wherever I go. Whatever I’m doing. I have to do my best to document it. Sure, maybe one or two get posted on Instagram, maybe a few end up here on this blog, but the other 9, 482 photos…? They’re usually stuck in my phone! And then no one but myself ever sees them. What’s the point of that?

Over the past few years, I’ve found ways to print out my photos or at least turn them into something tangible to hold and look at. Now, it’s one of my favorite things, and one of my favorite things to gift to friends and family too.

1. Social Print Studio

I have been using this website for quite a few years. I get all of my square prints from them because they look so good on their own that I can just hang them up and look artsy. I use hemp cord and tie it between 2 small nails and then I got some of the baby clothespins off of Amazon and hang up the pictures. Boom. Art. As a part of being a long time customer of theirs, I’ve got a code recently for you to save $5 off of your first order of prints with Social Print Studio! Be sure to use this code when you check out: 8FYYTZHNK1

2. Chatbooks

This is an app that you can download on your iPhone. They really have a great product: photo books tied directly to your Instagram (or you can choose custom photos). But the idea behind it is that it will turn every 30 photos on your Instagram into a book automatically and ship to you. They also do custom books, which is what I have been doing. At the end of the year I pick out my favorite pictures from my Instagram and my phone and make a year’s worth of photos into a book. My favorite part? It keeps the photos in chronological order! Definitely worth checking out. They start off at $8 for the 30 pictures…I always end up getting about 250 pictures in my books, but it always come to about $40, which to me, is not too bad for an entire year’s worth of pictures!

3. Shutterfly


You seriously cannot go wrong with Shutterfly. They offer free unlimited photo storage, which is super nice, and convenient when you’re ready to start printing! They do a lot of promos and deals where you can order 200 prints and just pay shipping! Shutterfly also offers a ton of different products – mugs, calendars, metal prints, photo books, you name it! You want your picture on it? They can probably put it there!

4. Costco Photo Center


This one you do need a Costco membership, but they really do have great prices! I’ve gotten a few canvas prints from them and they’ve been amazing quality and definitely really great prices. I always get the 16″ by 20″ size and it’s $38! I think that’s amazing. I’m either naive or live under a rock, but I really think it’s a great price! And they’re really quick too! I think they’ve got about a 48 to 72 hour turnaround time and you can go to your Costco to pick it up or have it shipped directly to you!


What other ways do you guys turn your photos into prints? How do you like to display your photos in your home? I’d love to hear other ideas!

16 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Pictures Into Prints in 4 Ways

  1. I love this post! Great ideas on here. I’m always left with a ton of pictures on my phone that never see the light of day! I’ve used Costco for normal prints, I didn’t realize you could do canvas too, I might go get some of those done!

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  2. I too have thousands of photos I just can’t part with and have been using apple books for years and recently started using LaLaLab, who I like a lot! I’ve been wondering about Chatbooks… I’m definitely going to check it out! Thanks for this post!

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  3. Wondering about Chatbook! I’m planning to create a few books, but noticed that my photos look blurry on the screen when previewing… I take high resolution photos, so am thinking this is just the preview setting on their app, can you tell me about the printing quality of their books? Thanks!

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