How to Get to Know Me: My Strange Pet Peeves

I know I annoy people. I can see it in their faces. But I really could care less. I’m having fun. BUT people also annoy me! I have so many pet peeves it’s not even funny. Although, I’m sure I add to the list daily. I always find myself saying, “You know what is my biggest pet peeve?” Well, Allison, they can’t ALL be your biggest pet peeve. That’s just not possible. But here’s a list of the most recent pet peeves that have surfaced in my life.

1. Leaving the windshield wipers on when you turn off your car

You know what I’m talking about. When you park your car and your windshield wipers are on and then they just stop across the middle of the windshield. Don’t know why, but that one has always bugged me!

2. When people always use the big words instead of just putting it simply

Seriously though. You just confuse people more by throwing in your extra big words. Just say what you mean. No one is counting the letters you’re using or the confusing factor you’re throwing down. Like when someone told me they left a job because of “matriculation”. My first thought? Uh oh. That cannot be good. Do you know what that means? Enrolling in university! Just say that!

3. Leaving dishes in the sink overnight

I physically can’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Because it really hurts my heart in the morning when they’re still there. And even more when they’re still there when I get home from work. Yes, they’re my dishes, so it’s my own fault, but still! I just can’t leave them!

4. Spelling

Oh em gee. This one gets me every time. Nothing embarrasses me more than reading emails from my coworkers or boss and they spell words wrong! Come on people! There’s spell check nowadays! And you’ve literally had at least 20+ years to practice spelling! You should OWN that by now!
What bugs you guys?! I’m sure my list could go on and on, but this is as much as I could think of on the spot. 🙂

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