How to Soak Up Reality TV in 6 Ways

Um, you guys. Have you been watching Bachelor in Paradise? I’m sorry, but it is so crazy! Crazy good. And juicy. So, those of you that ARE watching, please, feel free to chime in! Those of you that are watching, but are not caught up, DO NOT keep reading! Those of you not watching at all, start watching! It’s getting good!

There’s a few things that have peaked my interest…

1. Nick Viall is totally likeable now


Okay, on Andi’s season…NOPE. Couldn’t stand him. On Kaitlyn’s season…NOOOOO. Super annoying. On Bachelor in Paradise….Love you Nick! Find Love! I couldn’t stand him before, but now I’m like, go Nick!

2. Josh is CRAZY


Josh is super crazy. I read Andi’s book. I know all about that. And Amanda is being portrayed like a poor helpless blonde now. I’m sorry, I loved her on Ben’s season! But I really can’t help but feel that she’s making a huge mistake.

3. Leave Caila alone!


Caila is the sweetest! Leave her alone! She doesn’t like that scene, and so when she felt uncomfortable, she left. She didn’t need to prove anything to anyone! Let her go! Good for her, for being like “I don’t really need to be around this”!

4. Ashley I, just stop. Please.

ashley i

Just like Nick said, “You will never be with Jared.” Get over it girl! It’s time to move on! And stop crying! I cry about everything, but come on girl! Eventually you gotta get a grip on things!

5. Still in shock over Evan and Carly


I still can’t believe that Carly fell in love with the Penis Man! I’m glad she’s as weirded out as I am. But somehow, they just seem to work. I’ll let it slide….

6. Oh Wells….


I just love that this guy is the hot commodity! He’s such a tiny man! Cute, yes, but I don’t think I’d leave it to him to protect me from danger…But 3 girls?! DUDE! You’ve got a hard position now!


Ahhh geez… I love reality TV so much! I cannot wait until the Finale next week!!

What are you guys thinking about this season??



8 thoughts on “How to Soak Up Reality TV in 6 Ways

  1. Bachelor in Paradise is my favorite guilty pleasure reality tv show!! I agree that Nick is a lot more likable now, not sure how I’ll feel about him as the Bachelor. I was rooting for Luke so it’d be a country boy season haha. Evan and Carly are the strangest couple! I’m excited to see what happens next week, can’t believe it’s already over!

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