How to Live With the Boyfriend in 10 Ways

I’ve always loved living by myself, but having the boyfriend as a roommate is just a whole new outlook on life! A while ago, Jessica, from Little Affections, wrote about things she’s learned while living with her boyfriend and it was hilarious! I could relate all too well. So it inspired me to write my own list about living with the boyfriend!
1. Everything will happen “later”


There is never a sense of urgency when living with the boyfriend. We’ll go grocery shopping “later”, we’ll do the laundry “later”, the dishes “later”. It drives me nuts! But at the same time, it forces my brain to relax a little and learn that everything doesn’t have to happen right the same minute that I think about it.

2. Watch out for tripping hazards


And I mostly mean the Xbox controller that’s always lying on the floor. Why is it always lying on the floor? I have no idea. But that must be it’s “spot”. Because no matter how hard I try to give it a “spot”, it is never better than the floor!

3. The washing machine dispenses soap


Yes, you read that right. The boyfriend almost always does not put soap in the washing machine. I had to show him to put soap in the machine, and then at a later date I find him only putting softener in the softener ball, but no soap. Ah geez. That kid!

4. Behind the bathroom door is the perfect clothes hamper


Every morning I wake up to a pile of clothes wedged in the corner behind the bathroom door. They can never seem to make it out of there! And then the next day, more clothes join the party, and then the next, until finally the door won’t open all the way anymore and I just have to move them. Or laundry day arrives; whichever comes first.

5. Time to unwind is key


The boyfriend works some very long days and when he first started his job, I was just so excited to see him when he got home everyday. But a little too excited. I’d be home for a couple hours before him and by the time he got home I was ready to talk to him and greet him like a puppy! I realized that sometimes it’s nice to come home and just unwind slowly. I always get that because I get home first, but he got Allison full speed ahead all the time. Poor guy!

6. Showers are overrated


Okay, I’m not sure if I’ve admitted this, but I hate taking showers. It always feel like such a waste of time. But yes, I know how to shower on a regular basis, I just don’t like to do it, but I do! The boyfriend, however, feels like it’s not as necessary as he smells…I mean as one would think. It’s always a struggle.

7. Toilet paper holders are the worst invention ever

Instead, the boyfriend likes to line up the empty rolls along the edge of the bathtub, next to the toilet. It really is an impossible feat to put that toilet paper on the toilet paper holder. I know. I have to practically fight it everyday.

8. A day doing nothing is sometimes one of the best days

I am a planner. Every hour of every day is planned for me. I have to. That’s how I keep myself busy, and in control of everything (because I’m a control freak). But the boyfriend has introduced me to days of doing nothing. Sometimes we just lay all the blankets and pillows on the ground and watch TV all day, maybe order delivery. Who knows! Maybe we play some video games, or maybe we cook, but everything is on a whim and it really is a great way to spend a day sometimes! Just that perfect “reset” that you need every once in awhile.

9. You can learn anything on YouTube

I still have never really embraced YouTube the way some people have. Do you know what I use YouTube for? Watching cat videos. Yes. That’s about the extent. But the boyfriend uses YouTube for everything! He’s learned how to change a belt in his Jeep, how to tie a tie, how to make crepes, what camo is the best camo, how to track deer and wildlife, which bluetooth speaker is the best, everything! It’s really awesome for me!

10. Hot sauce needs to be in the house at all times


And it goes on everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. Eggs, quesadillas, pizza, salad wraps, everything. I’m a baby when it comes to spicy things, but I definitely know that we need to have hot sauce wherever we go and in the fridge ready to go! The boyfriend loves his hot sauce!


And I still learn more and more everyday! We’ve been living together for a year now, and yet each day is a surprise one way or another! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. What weird things to your significant others do?!

32 thoughts on “How to Live With the Boyfriend in 10 Ways

  1. Lol yes to everything! I’ve learned lots of things from my hubby when we first started living together. The “days off” was definitely a nice thing to do that we began to do it once a week. During the summer not so much, but here comes winter so we will be doing that more often πŸ™‚

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  2. Yes! I was so excited to see this one posted.

    I can totally agree on number one. It drives me insane! Also, the toilet paper thing I really think is privvy to men. I don’t understand it.

    My husband leaves beverages everywhere. A cup of water. A cup of Diet Coke. A glass of whiskey. A beer. A can of Monster. All over my house. It just reminds me of that movie Signs with the little girl leaving old water glasses everywhere. I hope that when aliens invade, the various beverages around our house save us!


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  3. I used to be the same about YouTube, although I mostly used it for yoga videos, but then one fateful day I was introduced to the concept of a YouTuber, and I got sucked in. I also love that you can learn anything on YouTube, but I mostly love the entertainment portion of it. πŸ˜‚ Most of the YouTubers I follow are British, which is fun. If you ever want recommendations…I’d be happy to ruin, I mean, give you some. πŸ˜€ I haven’t ever seen the cat videos that everyone talks about, but I’m honestly too terrified to try to look it up because I have a feeling I’d get addicted to yet another thing on YT, and that is terrifying to me. I’m already addicted. Yikes. My mom is like your BF though, she likes to learn random things through YT. πŸ˜‚ I don’t understand it, but like you said it’s cool.

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  4. I love the relaxing do nothing days:) Also, yes! Hot sauce all around!!! The toilet paper thing also makes me giggle. Especially the other day when you yelled “oh! It’s on the toilet!” I just thought it was a thing… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  6. The Xbox controller’s spot! Haha, too relatable. Don’t they care if it gets stepped on? I don’t understand!
    Also with you on the toilet roll thing. Our holder broke, and I’m not entirely convinced it was an accident…
    Another one for me is not making the bed – because what’s the point when you mess it up again the same day? I had no reasonable answer.

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