5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #62

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. This week I learned that all of my Maui prep back during the first half of the year is gone. Completely. I’m so out of shape that my 10 lb dumbbells feel heavy!

2. This “fall” weather is currently a joke out here on the west coast. The days are still 90 degree weather! So I’m definitely jealous of all of you pulling out your sweaters and scarves. That just ain’t happening over here.

3. When I wake up and drive to work at 6 am, I’m wide awake. When I drive to work at 7 am, I’m exhausted. How does that work? Yesterday I came so close to pulling over to take a nap – on the way to work!

4. My arm fell asleep the other night. And I mean like COMPLETELY asleep. Like I was trying to grab onto it to move it back to a normal position, but my sleeping arm couldn’t feel it! I’ve never experienced it so bad before!

5. I did so good on my spending last month, that this month has started me off badly because I was too busy celebrating the lack of money I spent last month. So now this month will be expensive I guess. It’s really a vicious cycle.


Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts 😉

19 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #62

  1. I’m jealous of your fall weather its not that hot here even in summer. Autumn is in full force its so windy over here and cold oh and wet, just grey and miserable till April now i guess.
    I hear ya I packed the bikini away and packed on the pounds, winter body in progress, haha!
    This month is my month for being broke last month was fun lol #circleoflife

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  2. Lol, the difference between you and me is that I am LOVING the fact that it’s still sunny in fall. Now to be fair, it’s only getting up to like 70, but that is pretty much summer temps here. And our nights are quite crisp. Best fall ever (so far)! I am not minding it so much, and I’m like, “I think I’m ready for fall; I can see why people love it” and then I remember that this won’t last, and it’ll start raining soon, and I’m like 😒. lol!

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  3. I do love living in a place where we actually get a true Fall for a solid 2 months. But then it becomes -9876345923 degrees for a thousand months and I want to die. BUT FALL THOUGH.

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