How to Farmers Market in 5 Ways

I’ve been in my apartment for over 2 years now and there is this fantastic farmers market about 10 minutes away. I have never been. I have never been to any farmers market. Ever. But they always look so cute and fun! Couples walking hand in hand, with their coffee, down to the Farmers Market. So cute. But I didn’t realize that Farmers Markets are a serious thing! But it was still fun, I’m glad I went, I don’t think I need to go bad.

1. There are professional Farmers Market goers

Seriously! We’re walking up and I’m like oh wow, look at that lady’s farmer market basket. She means business! Then we turn the corner, and EVERYONE has one of these baskets! Or something similar! And what did I bring? Nothing. Literally nothing. As I just shoved some cash and credit card into my pocket. UNPREPARED.

2. I get nervous being in crowds of people

Especially looking like a newb like I was! I got nervous and just started buying things to ease the pain. My goods: A loaf of bread, 2 artichokes, a basket of strawberries and blackberries, a package of goat cheese. Seriously Allison? That’s not even a whole meal!

3. Everything is organic…so it doesn’t last long

The berries lasted A DAY. Then they started getting all wrinkled. Are you kidding me? I didn’t realize that whatever you bought at the market must be eaten the same day! So those were a bust. Did I also mention that I dumped half of them on the ground at the Farmers Market while we were walking around? So embarrassed that I just picked them all up and threw them back in the bag and shouted “5 second rule!”

4. The boyfriend does not like to wander around

He has to have a purpose. We can’t just aimlessly walk from tent to tent. He needs to know exactly what he’s looking for and he needs to get there quickly. There is no time to take your time. And it’s hilarious to watch. I just had to look at him and say, “I don’t think we’re Farmers Market people”.

5. Expensivo

I’m all about trying to save money. And yes, when I can support someone local’s business, I love to help out! But I’m also broke as a joke, so I have to take care of me first. We spent about $40 on our random purchases, and they didn’t last very long! Sorry, but I’m going to have to hit up the local supermarket just a little bit longer…


Do you guys ever visit your local farmers market? How do you like it? Am I just doing it wrong? Let me know!

13 thoughts on “How to Farmers Market in 5 Ways

  1. You might be doing it wrong. Yes fresh berries only keep a day – is this a sign that they don’t contain pesticides? I also bet that the people with the market baskets had it full of greens and not expensive berries and cheese. I think you have to ease into it and also perhaps start bartering and talking to the providers. It helps to know what veg is in season to shop cheap and healthy.

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  2. The farmers markets around me aren’t that great. Like mostly jewelry makers, people who make soap and honey. I don’t usually go unless I’m really bored. I save it for when arts festival season comes around (usually around this time) and always pick up my homemade honey and hot sauces there. It is definitely pricey, but usually ends up being my once a year haul of yummy local products.

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  3. I love going to the farmers market, but I agree with you about the prices and the longevity of the produce. I mean, it’s clearly a “good” thing that they don’t last long, but ugh it’s frustrating. Since the farmers market is only once a week, what am I supposed to do about the rest of the week!! Tip for strawberries: always keep them in the fridge, NEVER wash them until you’re eating them, and if you can, keep a paper towel underneath them and that should absorb some moisture. πŸ™‚

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