How to Fab it Up With 5 Things

So, like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bandwagonner and easily peer pressured. It all started when I started watching The Bachelor…specifically, Juan Pablo’s season (man, was that guy a tool). And then I found my favorite girls on the show, started following them on Instagram, and then it’s been an ongoing cycle ever since. Every so often I see all of them post their pictures about their FabFitFun boxes they received. I looked into it right away!

At the time, I decided to pass. Have a little self control. And I just kept watching all these girls post about their boxes. THEN, this month, my friend posted that she got one! Okay. If she got one, then I totally NEED one! So I signed up right there, and got my box a few days later! Let me tell you…BEST DECISION EVER.

I’m going to tell you what was in this fantastic box of fun and fabulous things, that may inspire me to become fit. Ha. Maybe.


This is THE SCARF you guys. I mean it. A blanket scarf. My first one. I’m totally in love with it! I just sit on the couch with it around my neck and pretend to be so fashionable!

2. The sponge

I was pretty weirded out and confused by this product. It’s by Spongelle, so you know it’s gotta be fancy by that name! It said the soap was already on it and when I pulled it out of the box it was rock hard. I started soaking it in the shower and it softened up and it’s AMAZING. It makes me feeeeel super exfoliated and it is just the best.

3. The mug


Um hello goodbye and I am so in love with this mug. It’s from The Created Co and they seriously have the cutest mugs! I already had one too before this box, so you KNOW I felt trendy AF.

4. The BrowGal

Love this! I didn’t even know my eyebrows needed gel until I tried this and I just can’t leave the house without it now.

5. The Night Serum

Skin Laundry put in their Restoring Night Serum and it’s sooo nice! I don’t know if I’d buy it because it is a little pricey, but I do love putting it on before bed. Granted, it’s only been a week, but I feeeel like my skin is better already!


These were my favorite things out of the box! I have not tried the other products yet, but they did include: Eyeshadow, Lavender Body Oil, Body Wipes, Deodorant, and Toesox. But I’m just as excited to try those out too!

It’s amazing the things you don’t know you can’t live without until they show up one day and then become a permanent part of your routine and life. Hallelujah FabFitFun box!

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