How to Dig Through My Purse in 10 Ways

Happy Monday y’all!

I know what you guys are thinking…wait, it’s Monday. Allison stopped posting on Mondays. Well I’m back. I decided to try a short new series for Mondays to try to lighten the day up a little bit! Or you’re thinking, oh a post. I’m going to read it and then carry on about my day as usual. Either way! That’s cool!

But I introduce you the “How to Dig Through My…” Monday line up! Just a little something for some Monday entertainment. This week: My Purse. Yikes

My purse is seriously like a big black hole. Things go in there and I never find them. For months. Or until I decided to sit down and clean it out. Here’s what I found!


1. Headphones – Lots of them. Not one set of headphones, but 3! I guess you never know!

2. Tic Tacs – But 2 packs of them. I guess one is a back up for the other?

3. Keys – And those are the boyfriend’s keys. I don’t know how long those have been in my purse, but he hadn’t realized they were gone either!

4. Earrings – Well 1 earring actually. I have no idea where it’s mate went 😦

5. Sharpie – Because you never know when you’re going to need to permanently mark something up!

6. Target shopping list – I still haven’t made it there yet. I’ve been trying to put it off as long as possible. Judging by the paper…maybe since August?

7. Aux cord adapter – For those Lifeproof cases that you have to screw into…I don’t even have a Lifeproof case on my phone.

8. Bandaids – 1 bandaid. For that really important blister I guess.

9. Ear plugs – Never know when you’ll need to tune someone out!

10. Amazon Gift Card – Hallelujah! I forgot about that! I definitely thought I lost it! Oh happy day. Time for some shopping!

What random things do you have in your purse??

Have a happy Monday lovelies!

21 thoughts on “How to Dig Through My Purse in 10 Ways

  1. Haha, when I saw the beginning of your post, I was honestly confused for like 20 seconds. Even though I knew it was Monday when I woke up, I had already forgotten, and thought it was like Wednesday. I was like, “poor Allison, she must have accidentally posted this on the wrong day.” And then I spent like ten seconds contemplating whether it actually was Monday or not. When I remembered it was, I had to laugh at myself. 😂 I don’t know why that happened, but it was kind of freaky.

    My purse is small, and organized (yikes, I’m one of those people!). I blame my mom, she’s very organized, and so she taught us to be. By nature I’m not very organized, but I have some habits that she taught me that I don’t even think twice about. Like emptying my purse when I get home of everything extra I put in it when I went out. I keep things in my purse of course, but I know everything that’s in there, so I wouldn’t find anything unexpected, if that makes sense.

    Oh, and I loved that you had 3 sets of headphones…I bring mine with me every time I go out now (I never used to before I became a YouTube addict), and I’ve thought about getting a pair to permanently live in my purse just in case I forget (what a travesty! 😂). But 3 would totally be me if I had that many, and if I had a purse that things could get lost in. Because I NEED my headphones. Not want. Definitely need ’em. 😂

    Sorry for the long comment, I guess I’m really chatty today! 😃

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  2. My purse is the same way! I don’t find things inside of it until I decide to switch purses. Just the other day I found a pack of gum, and I haven’t chewed a piece of gum in three months! I like to say that I’m well prepared when I go through my bag and I pull out something random. You never know, those three pairs of earbuds might come in handy at sometime!

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  3. It’s amazing how often something will be in my purse but I will dig through it for a century to no avail. Then when I don’t need the thing I’m looking for, THERE IT IS IN MY PURSE THE ENTIRE DAMN TIME. WHAT IS THIS, NARNIA.

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    • Hahahahaha omg love that. And if you feel around for it, at all corners of your purse you can’t find it but as soon as you like in there, it’s just sitting on top. How does it do that?!?


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  5. Barb from Decluttering the stuff sent me over to say hi!
    I need to do mine too! I cram that baby full!!
    Yay for the unexpected bonus of the gift card! You just paid yourself to clean out your purse!!
    And isn’t it ALWAYS just 1 earring?? I think they join the single socks in a weird dating game, in an alternate dimension!!

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  6. Earphones for everyone! This worries me, because I know mine will be so similar. Only recently I’ve been using a big bag, and they always get filled! I believe a sharpie is a handbag essential.

    Had a giant catch up on your blog today – so many notifications! x

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