How To Get Obsessed With Makeup In 7 Ways 

Long time no see everyone!! It’s been quite a while since Allison and I have done a good ole’ blog swap! I’m so happy to be back!! Make sure to head on over to my blog to see what Allison has going on over there!

Lately I’ve been getting more and more obsessed with new products and also having some oldie but goodies resurface! Today I wanted to share with you my current obsessions and my go-to products!

1.NYX Pore Filler– This stuff is amazing! I use it every morning in my t-zone area and it has absolutely made a difference. My makeup slides on so easily and looks flawless! I also LOVE the price! Any affordable everyday makeup pieces are a MUST!

2.Perfect Ending Leave-In Conditioner– This I got sent to me in a birch box and I honestly can’t even remember how long I’ve had it. With a recent move I just did, I found this while packing and have been using it while traveling and getting everything unpacked. It smells absolutely amazing and when I put it in before bed, I wake up to my hair feeling amazing!

3.Urban Decay Naked Illuminator– This is maybe my number one favorite product of all time! This highlighter is amazing and an absolute necessity. I tell all my friends and family about it. It always takes my look to the next step.

4.NYX Matte Finish Spray– I love makeup setting sprays but don’t always want to spend a high price for them. This is a great affordable option, and I can definitely see a difference. I’ve been using powder over my makeup and after applying powder, will spray this on and it all blends in and makes sure nothing looks caked on!

5. Better Than Sex Mascara– This is my LOVE! I’ve heard hype about it for years and never used it. Recently my sister gave me a tube and I CAN’T get enough. It makes my eyelashes look amazing and SO long. Go out and get it now! I use a mascara combo right now and it makes me feel flawless even when I’m exhausted.

6.Real Techniques Beauty Blender– I’m sure many have already heard about this. I’ve been using it lately for my concealer and it always goes on great!

7.Amazon Oval Brushes! Recently I’ve seen so many reviews and great things about the Oval brushes. I’ve been lusting after them for a while but couldn’t push myself to spend the $40 a pop so close to our move! I went on Amazon and looked up similar brushes and found these for $8.99 and I not only got one but five brushes! I figured even if I hated them it wouldn’t be a big loss! Also, they are such a different brush than I’m used to; so I was excited to try them without a big risk. Luckily I’ve been loving them, and can’t stop telling all my friends about them!

I would love to hear what your current beauty favorites are!

12 thoughts on “How To Get Obsessed With Makeup In 7 Ways 

    • I had no idea either actually! I was looking around one day and I’m so glad I bought it! I hope you love it! And no problem! I was so surprised by this leave in conditioner!!


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    Happy Monday Babes! Today I wanted to share a blog swap Allison and I did last week! I posted this over on her blog and wanted to make sure to share it over here as well!

    These are just a few of my current makeup obsessions that I can’t get enough of right now!


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