How to Get Your Hike On in 10 Ways

One of my favorite things about hiking is that you can do it pretty much year round. Unless if it’s raining. Well, that’s not true, I’ve hiked in the rain a few times…so yeah, if you want to do it year round you can! Although, the time of year will change what you should be bringing or carrying with you, but it’s still a great way to get outdoors and get your booty moving! Here’s a few things I try to remember to bring with me.

1. Sunscreen

It is definitely important to lather up! At any time of year! Got to keep that skin looking healthy and young! And besides, no one wants to come home from a hike with a bunch of bad tan lines from socks, shorts, and backpack straps.

2. Bug spray

Somehow the bugs find me EVERYTIME I step out of the house. I know, I know, it’s because I’m too sweet! But seriously! I have to take bug spray with me all the time. They WILL find me!

3. Life straw

This is one of those I-hope-I-never-have-to-use-this items. BUT if something were to go wrong and I get lost or stranded or stuck somewhere, this is going to be a life saver! It’s so inexpensive to own one, and it can be used for like 200 uses. It filters water right out of the stream or river so you can drink it!

4. Hat

Another thing to protect your skin! And it’s another way to keep the bugs off of me, and the sun off my eyes! And plus, it can double as a fan or fly swatter if needed!

5. Backpack

You’ve got to have somewhere to put all these hiking necessities! I also have a Camelbak bladder in mine, so I can have easy access to water throughout the hike. I like to put ice cubes in my bladder too, so I can keep it cool for the first bit of the hike. Then I bring one of my Hydroflasks and fill that with ice so I can have more ice later!

6. The proper shoes

This is definitely EXTREMELY important! If you can’t walk, then you will definitely be hating your hike and your life. Make sure you have the proper shoes! And don’t try to break in your new hiking boots with a 10 mile hike.

7.Β Snacks

Um duh. Pretty much my favorite part of the hike is when I get to sit down and chow down! I love knowing there is food in my backpack. It’s like a reward! I love taking trail mix, Clif Bars, and fruit.

8. Bandaids

You are bound to get a blister or two! It’s just a good thing to have! Hell, I have bandaids in my wallet, in my purse, my backpack – you never know when you’ll need one!

9. Selfie Stick

Another duh. You guys know how much I love my selfie stick. It just makes pictures too easy! And plus, I love being able to get a shot that’s not just two faces crammed together.

10. Water!

YES. LOTS OF WATER. Like I mentioned earlier, I fill my camelbak bladder up, then another water bottle, and then a bottle for ice. It’s always better to have more than you need! And remember, your pack will only get lighter the more you drink!


Alright, there you have it! My hiking packing list. And keep in mind, this is for mostly day hiking. I haven’t backpacked in a long time, and that would be a whole other list! What do you guys like to bring on your outdoor adventures?

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