How to Dig Through My Pumpkin in 6 Ways

Let me just say….YUCK. I didn’t like it.

BUT it was the most perfect fall rainy day, so me and my girls started the day with brunch and mimosas (of course) and then went to pick up some pumpkins. We got home, set up our carving station, popped open some beers, and got down to business! I think the last time I carved a pumpkin was a couple of years ago and I begged the boyfriend to clean it out because I was just not into that.

Now, fast forward to yesterday, and here I am digging out this pumpkin; scraping, pulling, scooping, all of it’s guts out.Β It was squishy, wet, stringy, slimy, it was just not my cup of tea. But just as my friend told me, “You’ll appreciate it more when it’s done this way.” And she was right. I’m so proud of my jack-o-lantern! It’s so pretty and I’ve seriously never done one as good as this one! I learned a few things this time ’round.


1. There are pumpkin carving kits


I did not know this. When we walked into the store my friend started searching for a “pumpkin carving kit” and I looked at her and said, “You mean a knife and a sharpie?” Good thing she found them though because they were lifesavers!

2. Put down some protection


We got a plastic throwaway tablecloth to cover the table. I wanted to limit the amount of mess those pumpkin guts were making! And at the end, we just folded it up and threw it in the trash! Done. Easy clean up.

3. Some people were born to carve


And some people weren’t. Like me. But it still turned out okay! My friend is a perfectionist and was practically flossing her pumpkin. And then my sister struggled with cleaning hers out. But it the end…they all look FABULOUS!

4. Get a supply of candles


They burn so quickly! My candle is already gone, so now we’ve got to get another one or try to find some tea lights!

5. Don’t be afraid to really dig in


I realized that you just have to suck it up and get in there. Get in there like there’s no consequences! (There really are no consequences, so this should be easy). And carve! Forget about the pumpkin all over you. IT WASHES OFF.

6. You can use stencils!


We discovered the easiest method! Print out whatever you want to trace onto your pumpkin. Then wet both sides of the paper and then you can cling it to your pumpkin. Then carve right over the top of it! Super simple.


Is anyone else carving a pumpkin for Halloween this year? Or just carving a pumpkin for fun?! I had a lot of fun. But I think once a year is enough for me πŸ™‚ Happy Monday!

16 thoughts on “How to Dig Through My Pumpkin in 6 Ways

    • Oh that’s a good idea on the candles! Thanks! And do what I did! Buy a cheap paper tablecloth, lay it down shiny side up and throw everything on it. Then gather up the corners and roll it up and put it in a trash bag and then boom it’s all cleaned up!!!


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