5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #65

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. Until about 2 weeks ago I always thought it was an “A” track. Not an “eight” track. I figured, “Oh, A, because there’s an A and B side. That makes sense.” I guess it didn’t make sense enough!

2. Well you guys…we did it! We joined a gym. We will see how well this works….But 2 days down already and I think we’re looking pretty good!

3. I almost just watched Top Gun for the first time. YES. The first time. It was actually kinda really lame….? I don’t know. It just couldn’t keep my attention. But then again, nothing ever does.

 4. Isn’t it funny how when you actually need something, like a need to buy new sheets because a gigantic hole has appeared in yours, you can barely bring yourself to spend money on it? But hello!? A sale at Old Navy?? I’ll take one in every color!!

5. Yesterday at work I felt an earthquake. I was talking to a coworker and I felt it and I’m pretty sure my eyes started bugging out and I was looking all around kind of like, “are you feeling this!?” And they just carried on the conversation like normal. So then I googled it. I was right! There was an earthquake! Small, but I still felt it!!
Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts 😉

9 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #65

  1. The sheets thing!!!! YES times a million! That is 100% me! If there is a sale at Old Navy, I will spend the money I would on boring sheets and then some in a heartbeat! Yet, I always think, “I really should buy some new sheets”, but then…$4 SHIRTS! ONE IN EVERY COLOR!

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