How to Dig Through My Monica Closet in 8 Ways

So I’ve got this outside storage closet out on my balcony and I actually kind of forget about it because it’s tucked away and I just don’t ever need to access anything in there. But it’s also one of those spaces that I just take things out there because, “Oooh! I have that whole storage closet out there to put stuff in!” And then it goes there to die more than likely. I remember it, and then I forget it, and then I remember it, and then I forget it. You get the picture right?

Anywho, we had stopped using it completely for the last 6 months because we had stacked everything in it to a nice level surface so we could lay all the jeep windows and doors across it. So there was just no getting anything out of there even I wanted to. I finally convinced the boyfriend to put the Jeep back together, because hello, it’s fall, and it’s raining and stuff. After we got all the Jeep stuff out, I was motivated to see what was really under all that stuff!

1. Christmas Stuff

Okay, okay, this is pretty normal. I’m okay with finding all of this stuff here. The only oddball thing was the Christmas tree stand, which I handily put a nail in the wall to hang it on. Boom. Instant organization.

2. Golf Clubs

Because that one time when the boyfriend was motivated to teach himself to golf. Have we gone back since then? One time. But that’s okay. Now that I’ve uncovered them, maybe we’ll get back at it!

3. Beer Bong

Well…you never know when you’re going to need to pull that sucker out, right?

4. Car Cleaning Supplies

I wonder if the boyfriend was missing these? I wonder if we now have 2 of everything….

5. Hay Bales

Yes. That’s right. 4 mini hay bales. Why, you ask? Oh because one time 2 years ago we had a western Halloween theme going on at work and I bought hay bales to contribute. Then I had no clue what to do with them, so they stayed in this closet since then. Now? I’m going to use it as fuel for our fires.

6. Empty Boxes

Because you never know when you’re going to need a box to put stuff in? I guess? I don’t know why I have them to be honest…and yet I still couldn’t part with them too. Fail.

7. Outdoor Accessories

I pulled out the bow targets and the motorcycle gear. Damn. We need to start doing more of our hobbies! Also, my first adult purchase…a cooler. That was still full of water from it’s last use. I dumped it quickly on my balcony, only to be reminded that someone lives below me with a balcony too. Ooops. Sorry neighbor!

8. Collection of Sandals

And heels! A whole tub full of sandals that I apparently did not want/need/miss during the summer. Safe to say…I dumped those shoes into my Goodwill pile and used the new empty tub to put in all the summer shoes and clothes that I actually DID wear, but won’t be needing until next year!

I know you are probably sitting there thinking, “Well what did she even do?” Trust me, now the storage space is completely organized! And even in the order I will need them too. Summer on bottom, next Christmas, and then our bow and motorcycle stuff in preparation for this weekend!

What random things have you found in your Monica closet? Hope all of you lovelies are having a fantabulous Monday!

8 thoughts on “How to Dig Through My Monica Closet in 8 Ways

  1. I immediately was curious what the hay bales were for when I saw the photos.

    For awhile my son’s closet was my Monica closet. I just threw everything in there that I hated to look at. Before he was born I purged it all and now its back to being a Monica closet, but the baby version as it’s now all my son’s baby crap.

    My mother in law has an entire Monica attic. You wouldn’t believe the crap she keeps up there. She made me save an entire box of misshapen wire hangers, box them up and put them in her attic because “you never know”. Ha!


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  2. Don’t feel bad about the boxes. I recently recycled a pile of boxes from our basement – a collection from every item that we have purchased over the last 7 years, including the one for the washing machine. Since then, I collected a few sturdy boxes from work, in hopes that I may use them to reorganize some of the other items are strewn about the basement. They are still empty, waiting to be used.

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