How to Create Your Workout Routine in 6 Ways

A few weeks ago the boyfriend and I joined a gym and it was honestly kind of tough to get back into a routine. A long time ago, I was super into going to the gym and after 5 months off, it was just painful to have to go back. We had a hard time getting there as many times as we’d hoped for in the beginning, but one day we decided that we need to figure out a schedule so we can make the most of our time there!

Sometimes our nights are busy and we have to cut workouts short, but I say, a short workout is better than no workout! So here’s my tips in helping me get back into the routine and not hate it at the same time.

1. Make a schedule


We first decided on at least 3 days a week. Then we decided Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This gives us some flexibility. If we miss a day then we can make it up on Wednesday or Friday. And it really makes it a lot easier!

2. Pick your favorite exercises (yes, even the ones you hate)


I love to do a lot of different exercises, but some of my favorites are squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, and dead lifts. So I always make sure to fit those in during the week at some point so that way I’ve got some exercises that I look forward to!

3. Think about what works for your body

This is something that you’ll probably learn over time, but I’ve learned that lunges to absolute wonders on my booty. I hate doing them because they usually make me super sore, and they take longer to do than other exercises. BUT they really get my booty into shape, which is why I make time for them every week. I gotta tone that booty up!

4. What’s your end goal?

This might be a weird tip, but it works for me! I like to focus on an area of my body. For me, it’s upper body. I really want to tone it ALL up, but specifically, my arms, shoulders, and abs. I want to build up the arm and shoulder muscles for shooting my bow. So I try to squeeze in a little of that every time, because it’s my main focus.

5. Get a workout buddy

Workout buddies are super helpful! I use to work out with my bestie all the time and we would have the most fun! But now the boyfriend is my gym buddy! When I feel like skipping the gym, the boyfriend just says, “Well, I’m going tonight, so you can come with me.” And then I cave, but I never regret a workout so that’s good! Going with the boyfriend even sparks the competitor in me a little bit. Of course, I can’t lift nearly as much as he can, but I like to show off a little and try to impress him! Also, workout buddies can be motivating too! The boyfriend is always saying to me, “Do one more rep, you can do it!”

6. Each day has a muscle group


We are still working on fine tuning this process, but basically we have an arm and upper body day, a leg and booty day, then we do abs everyday, and the third day is whole body or whatever our favorite exercises were that week. It makes it easier to start mentally prepping my workouts if I know what muscles I want to work out!


And that’s how I’ve gotten our routine down, or at least started! What are some of your tips to keep that butt moving?


14 thoughts on “How to Create Your Workout Routine in 6 Ways

  1. This is so inspiring! I was lifting weights and watching what I ate for awhile, and then fell off the wagon when we went on vacation last summer. Why is it so hard to get structured again??? Thank you for writing this!

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