How to Get Blog Worthy Photos of Yourself in 5 Ways

I am just going to throw this out there…getting pictures of yourself for your blog that are all not immediate selfie head shots is hard! Am I right? It’s probably the hardest thing. For me, at least. AND I always forget to take pictures. I really need to hone in on this. Because I feel like sometimes pictures can really make or break a great post!
I’m not really sure what my fellow bloggers are doing or using to get those gorgeous photos of themselves that I envy so much, (and I do hope you share your photography tips here with me!) but here’s what I’ve come up with:
1. Recruit the Boyfriend
Ahhhh the life of the blogger’s boyfriend or husband or S.O. You guys know what I’m talking about right? “Hey, babe, pull over here so you can take a picture of me in front of that tree”. And then he says, “You’re not looking at the camera.” My response: “I’m suppose to not look at the camera!” He’ll catch on one day!
2. Selfie Stick
I have definitely used this for some fun group shots or to just get the camera farther away than my arm’s distance away. It’s just too convenient not to!
3. Tripod
I bought a tripod for my phone and it is seriously the best! Just set that baby up wherever you need to, set the timer on your phone, and then run back and “act natural”! This has been used soooo many times, I couldn’t even tell you.
4. Friends
Don’t be afraid to call it like it is. “Oh my gosh, can you please take a photo of me? I’m totally nerding out right now. This place is like a blogger’s HAVEN!” Just don’t exhaust this resource. It will get old quick! But if it really is perfect for what you need – stop your friend and ask! Don’t make them take a million, but a couple should suffice!
5. Siblings
Hey sister can you come take a few photos of me?! Hey they’re related to you so they can’t change judge you for it or hate you anymore for it. Use ’em if ya got ’em!
Alright blogger buddies, tell me, how are you getting the pictures you need for your blog?! What else could I be doing, or what other resources could I be using?

20 thoughts on “How to Get Blog Worthy Photos of Yourself in 5 Ways

  1. I recruit anyone and everyone, but if I’m going somewhere specifically to take photos, I tell friends first. Some don’t have the patience for it and I don’t want to mess with those relationships!

    I also use random furniture and boxes to stand the phone up more often than not when I’m home. Where did you get your phone tripod? I’ve been looking into getting one!

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  2. Hahaha! This was so funny, yet so true. My girlfriend is the only reason why I have decent pictures of me, I think! Generally…I just figure for my blog I would keep myself out of pictures unless someone does the snapping for me…hahaha!

    Loved reading this. Thanks for the tips!

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