How to Dress for the Desert in 7 Ways

When you go camping in the desert, there is only one hard thing to determine…what to wear. The weather is SO unpredictable and can always be so extreme! The desert in the fall is definitely a hard location to dress for! In the early morning, it’s a little chilly. But wait for that sun to come out! Then you’re shedding layers like crazy. Then that sun disappears and you’re freezing your ass off! What is a girl to do?


Here’s my packing list for a trip to the desert!

1. Beanies and ear warmers

You definitely will need these for when you’re hanging out around the campfire at night! The fire will keep your body warm, but what about your head and ears!? Plus, it’s nice to not have to worry about your hair. Just slap one of these babies on!


2. Jacket

Duh. It’s cold at night. Don’t be the dork with just a hoodie. Layer up girl! I love wearing my Carhartt jacket. It’s so warm and has so many pockets! I can keep everything I need on me at all times!

3. Boots


I prefer my Fuggs (yes, my fake Uggs). They keep all the sand out because there’s no laces or anything for the sand to creep through. And they keep my toes nice and cozy!

4. Layers

I’m always bringing my flannels with me to the desert. I love them because it’s a nice light cover as the sun starts to set, or if the wind picks up during the day, and then it’s a great layer under your jacket when it really starts to get cold!

5. Short Sleeves

It may say that it will be a high of 58 degrees that day, but in the sand, everything is so much more amplified! It will be feeling like 75 degrees! You’re going to want some short sleeves to play around in the sun in!

6. Hat


It can be sunny, and when the sun reflects off the sand, it only gets sunnier. Protect your eyes!

7. Sunglasses


Again, protect your eyes. We only get two! And you don’t want to prematurely kickstart the crows feet from all that unnecessary squinting!


Alrighty, there it is, my list of desert must haves while camping! Do any of you ever camp in the desert or sand? Do you guys know what I’m talking about with the hot and cold?!


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