How to Get to Know Me: My Strange Talents

Happy Friday! And happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and that your tummies are plenty full! And I hope that all of you are enjoying a day off…like me! Man, I love holiday weekends! Anywho, I’m back with another How to Get to Know Me post! I think I can be a pretty talented person when I want to be. I’m not really talented in like any kind of physical activity or sport or art at all. But I have other talents…

1. I am extremely intuitive

Like I should be a detective. Straight up. No joke. Don’t try to hide anything from me. I will find out the truth.

2. I am really good at typing

I can even do it with my eyes closed. And laying down. And without looking! It’s more like an art at this point!

3. I can make a killer chili cheese dog

And I would eat one everyday if I could.

4. I like to think I’m pretty good at driving

Although I have totaled 2 cars…but they weren’t my fault! But I feel like I’m very aware of my surroundings. Except when those 2 cars hit me. I didn’t really see that coming.

5. I am really good at cleaning and organizing stuff

It makes me so happy when I’m doing it too. I don’t like cleaning up after other people, but I like helping people organize!

6. I can always sniff out a deal

And I will keep searching and keep searching until I can save every penny possible.

7. I have a lot of good ideas

In my head. I usually can’t or won’t act on them, but if someone asks me for an idea, I can really spurt out some good stuff! (If it’s a topic I know. I don’t have ideas about everything).

There you have it. Oh! And I’m pretty good at selfies too. I hope you enjoyed getting to know the very talented me 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


10 thoughts on “How to Get to Know Me: My Strange Talents

  1. Your talents are not strange nor original. You are a very pretty girl, healthy, living life to its fullest. HOWEVER, having said that, you might want to interweave some of those talents into your resume or CV (or into an interview question when they say “tell me about yourself”) in the future as they highlight some very marketable and useful skills in a very unique way. 🙂 Insightful.


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