How to Beat That 3 O’Clock Feeling in 6 Ways

You guys know what I’m talking about right? That “3 o’clock feeling”. It probably hits you everyday while you’re a work, hittin’ that grind, probably around, say, 3 o’clock? That work life though, am I right? It’s exhausting. A different kind of exhaustion for sure. I went from bartending 10 hours a day to sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, and let me tell you….bartending = physical exhaustion. All I ever needed to do was sit down, change my clothes, and eat some food and then I’m ready to go! Office work = mental exhaustion. And I don’t really feel like there’s any easy recovery or quick recovery period for that. Know what I mean?

Anyway, lately that 3 o’clock feeling has been hitting me earlier and earlier in the day…so here’s a few things I do to try to shake the feeling and wake back up!

1. Take a walk

Just get a move for a few minutes! Seriously! 1) It’s good for your health 2) It’s good for your lifespan and 3) Moving around is the quickest way for me to start waking back up. Sitting at a desk is monotonous.

2. Energize up

I don’t drink coffee (Starbucks doesn’t count) so I always have some Spark in my desk (grape is my favorite). When I’m starting to feel sleepy or slowing down, I make myself an energy drink! And I just look at it like a treat! And then I get pretty pumped on it!

3. Snack time

I HAVE to bring a snack to work. Or snackS I should say. Because if I don’t, by the time I get home I will devour everything in sight! Snacks help keep my sanity 🙂

4. Turn on some upbeat tunes

I know that not every job lets you listen to music, but if you can, it’s time to switch the playlist from the nice calm tempo background music to a little bit of Sia or something! Just something to make me wiggle a little in my chair!

5. Google some desk exercises

And start doing those! Practice your kegels. Or cross your legs and write the alphabet with your toes in the air. Something that requires a little bit more concentration!

6. Just take a break

Yes, taking a break is okay! Even if it’s just to play on your phone, scroll through your feed, reply to texts, FaceTime your bestie, whatever it is that gives you a relaxed feeling! Do it!


Alrighty, I’m already feeling more awake and excited about the last few hours of the day! Who’s with me!? What are some things that you do at work to try your best to perk up? img_7092

8 thoughts on “How to Beat That 3 O’Clock Feeling in 6 Ways

  1. Agreed on all. I used to work 60 hours a week waitressing and in retail and I still had the energy to be out every night until 2AM. Now, I’m asleep by 10PM and my hair is a lost cause by Friday. Office work is so draining! Our office has this yummy French Vanilla “Cafe” (not exactly sure what Cafe is, but it pretty much taste like a vanilla hot chocolate). That is usually my 3PM treat. 🙂

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

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